3 Things to Consider Before Implementing Self-Management


"Holacracy is hot. Whether it’s a fascination, a spectacle, or, in some cases, a dirty word, the idea that organizations can be self-managed, purpose-driven, and function better has our attention."
— Sunny Grosso, DH Coachsultant

At DH, we shifted to self-management over a year ago. As have larger organizations like Patagonia, Whole Foods, and Zappos.com. We've been steeped in learnings ever since, and are now applying them in our consulting work.

Many ask, how do you know if your organization is ready?

To gauge your organization's readiness, DH Coachsultant, Sunny Grosso put together a piece recently featured in Training Magazine, where she provides three game-changing concepts that can begin evolving your company, simplified here:


In self-management, the role of leaders evolves to that of a servant-leader who empowers, enables, and inspires. Leaders coach individuals to realize their unique purpose and align it with the organization’s purpose.


In self-managed organizations, the mission goes beyond making money or winning, to making valuable contributions to a cause that elevates humanity. No small stuff!


In a transparent organization, information is no longer a commodity; it flows freely. Transparency removes shadows, silos, and fear to free everyone up to focus on the work that matters.

About Sunny Grosso

Sunny Grosso

Sunny’s mission is to inspire others to live BIG by being true to themselves and following their purpose. She is passionate about realizing this through positive work cultures. Through her diverse journey Sunny has been a wellness researcher, saké trainer, ultra-runner, one of the world’s first happiness coaches and, finally, a global culture consultant.

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