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Happiness Now | Week of June 12- June 16, 2017


The Japanese Ikigai places vocation, mission, passion, and profession in a diagram where collectively, they total fulfillment. The Delivering Happiness framework models from many schools and cultures- this had us considering how we could apply the Ikigai to our current work ;]

 The Winkeyspehere is full of news this week- so much so we had decided to boil down and share some of our favorite articles. Check it out! 

  • The Association for Psychological Science published this piece, revealing how mean leadership benefits no one. That's right, even the bullies (and bottom line) loses... Our kindergarten teachers were right: Kindness Matters. 
  • Our friends over at HackYourFuture are teaching refugees how to code and helping them get jobs as programmers. #CULTUREWOW! They are currently hiring students- if you know anyone of refugee status seeking to become a web developer, please forward and share this news today! 
  • Did you know our team works remote? There's freedom and great responsibility to this perk- check out this piece that touches on some of the looks behind the scenes

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About Karla April Moreno

Karla April Moreno

Karla jumpstarted her young career in org development by moving to Mexico City and fully immersing herself in questions about organizational challenges. She believes that our best potential is unlocked through fusing passion, purpose, and joy; and is committed to bringing humanity to work. Karla enjoys dance marathons, asking questions, and forgetting to check her phone.

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