No More Fighting! Culture & Strategy Should Eat Breakfast Together

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Peter Drucker famously said, "culture eats strategy for breakfast." If he was still around, he might change this quote to read "culture and strategy should eat breakfast together." 


Times have changed, and the world is moving at a faster rate. Culture is now a part of everyday corporate lingo, but implementing it is trickier than most executives think. Workplace trends are rapidly changing, and what was working twenty years ago doesn't work anymore. So where do you start?

Do you focus on the culture or the strategy? Is it culture eats strategy for breakfast or strategy eats culture? At DH, we believe they should both pull up a chair and have breakfast together.


What companies [like yours] are facing:


What was working to attract and retain the best talent isn’t working anymore. Unless your culture is strong, you’ve probably noticed it’s getting harder and harder to find the right talent.


Employees are changing too, and their expectations for what makes a company a great place to work are increasing. They want more than paid holidays and sick time. And, on top of that, your competition is fiercely going after your top talent and your applicants. You know to reach your goals it will take putting together the right team, but lately, that’s been a challenge. Resignations have been increasing, but the applicant pool is getting smaller and seems to be less qualified.


It’s time to change if you want to build your dream team and start crushing your goals. 


Today, it’s about using strategy & culture to pull together your best team.


You may be thinking culture - that takes a lot of time, work, and resources. We just don’t have time for that, and does it really matter? Or, maybe we will work on that when we have more time.


We get it! Time is the most scarce resource of workplaces everywhere; just ask any department in your organization.


That’s why at DH, we’ve taken the “best of” what we’ve learned over the years to create a culture Masterclass designed to empower your team and your strategy. It’s chock full of our proven frameworks and strategies with quick wins built in to gain buy-in from your team and keep the momentum going. Even your office naysayers will get on board and we’ve designed it so it’s worth every intentional second!


If your strategy isn’t talking to your culture, then you are not reaching your potential as an organization.


This can result in low engagement levels and your employees not feeling empowered to create their best work. Chances are your employees are doing the bare minimum and are only sticking around for the paycheck and benefits. Bottom line, you are missing out on your people.


Watch to see how our DH Masterclass can set your culture up for success:

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Just ask Murat from Canpa. His organization was struggling with a 30% turnover rate. Following their Masterclass, Canpa's turnover rate went down to near zero, the company placed first in Turkey's Great Place to Work assessment, and celebrated their highest record sales year. 


Rather than trying to keep up with the next culture trend that expires quickly without producing lasting results, TRY something that has been proven to work repeatedly! Our Masterclass is created from the Science of Happiness and is designed to ensure your team gets the most out of it with a Culture Action Plan. 


It’s time to try our Masterclass and start creating and empowering your dream team. 

How can our team get your culture & strategy to work together? Click to learn more about our Masterclass:

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