10 Steps to Creating Core Values That Your Company Lives By [INFOGRAPHIC]

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how to create and develop core values for a better company culture

Imagine if you came into work today and the negative norms of office culture were nearly eliminated: workplace politics, gossiping, toxic subcultures, cliques, micromanagement, etc. What would that feel like?


Perhaps it would feel like a burden lifted off your back, or it could manifest as less anxiety about coming into work and less tension among coworkers and teams. In essence, you'd be in a better mood, more open to others, and happier


So how can you make this change for a happier, less stressful organizational culture? Create a company culture based on core values and higher purpose. 

Most people know that purpose leads to profits, but without core values, your company's higher purpose might get lost in the day-to-day operations of your employees.


The tricky thing is creating core values that can both be embraced by your workplace and center your organization towards a higher purpose - that's why we created an infographic to support your culture journey!





Before you get started, here are some steps of our infographic that we want to highlight: 


Commit - Step 1


Having alignment on the foundation of your culture is essential, and it starts with leadership. If your leaders aren't committed to living your company's core values, then it's not going to work. That means you have to get c-level executives, directors, and managers on board. Why? Because the rest of your employees won't be willing to go above-and-beyond for one another if their leaders act in opposition of the company's values. 


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Creating Values - Steps 4 & 5


What most people do is try to be perfect in crafting their values, but it's important to take these steps to collaborate, listen, and see what ideas your team brainstorms. These values aren't just going to be lived by YOU but by everyone at your company. Absorbing input, adapting with feedforward, and having an open mind are vital. 


Defining Behaviors - Steps 7 & 8


After finalizing your values, you're now tasked with figuring out how to LIVE by them. That means we have to ideate on behaviors that support these values and how we're going to advocate these behaviors within the framework of the organization and the role of your employees. An easy way to begin doing this is to imagine who your ideal culture champion is and to ask what this person does to make them a champion to the organization. 


Created with intention, the Science of Happiness, and our 15+ years in the culture space, our infographic is made to help you take the necessary steps to have a values-based and purpose-driven company culture. 



10 steps to creating core values for your company culture




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