3 Actions To Improve Culture in 2020

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Fix high turnover rate, disengaged, low performing employees, and drop in profitability.


“Change your culture, improve morale, make your employees happier!”

... sounds like a bunch rainbows and butterflies you don’t have time for, right?


Well, that depends.


Is employee engagement and productivity important to you? How about an increase in sales? Better customer service? What about growth and recognition?


One of our clients, Canpa was struggling with a high turnover rate [30%], disengaged, low performing employees, and a drop in profitability.


They came very close to laying off long-term employees and even eliminating some departments completely.


Fortunately, they didn't have to do any of that after attending a DH Masterclass in 2015.


During our time with Canpa's Vice President, Murat Ozcan, he defined his company's core values and higher purpose, and he implemented the DH roadmap to successfully change the direction of the company to a sustainable, profitable business.


After their culture transformation, Canpa was awarded first place in Turkey's "Great Place to Work" assessment.


Today, Canpa's turnover rate is ZERO and they continue to grow in profit and size.

Happy employees are really good for business because they are 300% more innovative and contribute to a 37% increase in sales. Happy employees also result in 66% fewer sick leaves and 51% less turnover.

Positive culture is much more than fringe benefits like donuts in the break room though. It comes down to defining purpose as a company and as individuals.


Here are 3 actionable steps you can take to create a more ideal work environment in the new year.


1. Redefine Your Core Values Get people excited about culture change. Explain why it’s important. Share the stats and the facts. Let them know that you want them to feel more fulfilled and more engaged in their jobs. You want them to be excited about coming to work.


Discuss and determine your core values together. Every person in the company is equally important and must be involved. Everyone must be committed to the same greater purpose and ideals. You must have a unified identity.


Write down your core values. Decide if they are unique. Can you build on these values? Can you execute and live them everyday? When you collectively feel a strong YES!, you have got your core values. Print them out and place them where everyone can see them.


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2. Hire FIRST for culture, and SECOND for skillset. Yes, you read that right.


Planning on hiring new employees next year? Ask yourself, can this candidate fit within the values we have established and we’re committed to? Will they enhance our values? Can they grow? Are they adaptable?


With the right questions you can tell a lot about someone in an interview. A bad hire is like a cancer to culture. A toxic environment can make your best employees quit. What will the cost of that new hire be?


Made a mistake and hired a wrong fit? That’s okay. Course correct and do it quickly. It’s better to adjust now than pick up the pieces later.


3. KPI’s are great, but start measuring behaviors too. The people behind the KPI’s are who matter. Praising their progress along the way and celebrating the little wins helps them feel more valued.


If you don’t stop and acknowledge progress, people start to feel less engaged and all they see is a long list of to-dos. If you have the opportunity to give people feedback right away, do so.


Enforce a supportive environment. Great cultures are built by small actions taken by leaders every day.


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When your work environment is exceptionally healthy, revenue goes up, customer satisfaction goes up, innovation goes up, meanwhile, complaints and turnover go down.


How do you plan to make your work environment more ideal in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.



How much could a happier workplace save you?



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