3 Common Myths That Can Prevent Culture Change

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Obstacles and Myths to Organizational Culture Change As coachsultants in culture change, we experience moments of resistance from individuals and teams undergoing change. From executives who are pondering ways to improve their employees’ performance to managers who are worried about their teams’ happiness, we understand the doubt and fear that comes with it initiating change. That’s why we’re here to help our clients and walk them through the process and align their teams for change. 


“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.”– N.R. Narayana Murphy


Let’s remove some of your hesitations by addressing a few common myths:

1) It’s too expensive to maintain...

Investing in the happiness and engagement of your employees costs money – not a lot, but having a budget for it helps! There are plenty of ways to foster employee engagement and culture without spending a dime, but the ROI of happiness exceeds the cost of having a negative, unfulfilling workplace culture. Having a culture that supports toxic employees and behaviors can be costly – both mentally and financially for your organization. A toxic hire can cost up to $12,500 in cost savings and deeply affect the collaboration and effectiveness of your teams.


2) People won’t really want to connect with their co-workers...


employee happiness company culture quote sunny grossoThis is a tricky one because it is contingent on hiring based on not only skill but culture fit.

Every person that joins your organization is a reflection of your workplace culture and core values. If they aren’t aligned with those values, then their participation in creating a connection among employees may be stifled. Your employees can be very different from one another, but they should have a common ground when it comes to your core values. 

The best way to find out if someone is also a culture fit is through a few interesting interview questions. Check out the one that we use [and Tony uses too]!


3) Happy people still slack-off...

quote_ron_motivatePeople who are invested in their work culture and are intrinsically motivated to perform well and contribute to the organization are significantly less likely to loaf around the office.

How can organizations drive their employees to feel that way about their roles? A part of it incorporates our three elements to create a culture of happiness.

Hear us. There will be times when people aren’t doing their best because of other reasons (sickness, troubles at home, etc.). At that point, your workplace culture can be a factor that helps your employees get back into their productivity flow instead of run away from it.



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