3 Signs You Should Commit to Culture First [FREE EBOOK]

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3 Signs You Should Commit to Culture First [FREE EBOOK]


Canpa, a materials distribution firm, was facing severe challenges back in 2015.


The company struggled with declining profits, a massive 30% employee turnover rate, and low company morale.


Canpa had two options. Downsize by laying off many of its employees and eliminating departments, or close its doors for good.


What did they do instead?

Canpa's Vice President Murat Ozcan was determined to improve the situation. In search for solutions, he came across Delivering Happiness [the book] and was eager to sign up for a DH Masterclass.


He learned quickly that a sustainable culture was the key to turning everything around.


Murat took the DH happiness model and applied it to Canpa's environment and strategy.


Canpa began structuring their culture around values-based initiatives and behaviors. The company’s new roadmap aligned its cultural foundation with its business goals [profits, turnover rates, growth, etc.].


The DH model helped align the company's initiatives, reduce turnover rate by increasing employee engagement, and recruit new talent that were a cultural fit.


After building a framework around culture first, the company began to notice dramatic improvements.


Profits began to increase year-after-year, with sales doubling in the last 2 years.


Job postings from the company saw an average of 10x more applications.


Employee turnover rate dropped from 30% to ZERO. In fact, some employees who left, came back after the culture transformation!


Canpa went on to be awarded FIRST PLACE in Turkey’s 2018 “Great Place to Work” assessment.


And their impact extends to the community. Employees were inspired to live their purpose through meal-giving. They gave out 50,000 meals in their first year!


As you can see from this Canpa's journey, which is just one success story out of many, if you can create a sustainable workplace culture and solve major pain points around employee engagement, the fate of a company is favorable.


Murat Ozcan, Vice President, Canpa


We know it can be hard to guage where your company stands and what the culprit of the problem is.


We put together this evidence-packed, 10-minute read exposing the top 3 signs that poor culture is to blame for of your organization’s problems.


Inside our eBook, you will:

  • Find out if the signs of a low performing culture are present at your company
  • React to questions designed to get you thinking about how these signs can show up for you and your team
  • Gain tips throughout and discover ways to start improving your culture today
  • Get the stats you need to recognize unproductive trends at your workplace
  • Dive into 3 Culture Success Stories from DH client case studies: pinpoint their biggest problem, the action taken to solve it, and the results they achieved


Download our FREE eBook:

3 Signs You Should Commit to Culture First




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