3 Tips for WOW Customer Service on Social Media

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For newer consumer generations, dialing a phone number to ask a question, sing a praise, or deliver negative feedback is becoming a practice of the past. In a time where information is almost immediately at our fingertips, most smartphone users opt to use Google to retrieve their answers or vent their frustrations on social media. So as we look to offering customer service options on through social platforms, how can we maintain that your audience will receive a WOW customer experience?


Here are 4 tips for delivering memorable and robust customer service through social media: 


 1) Let them know how they can contact you


What good is your customer service if it’s too hard for your audience to contact you? On your platforms, let users know they can reach your client experience team if they tweet or message you. If you need a separate account to answer customer inquiries, then highlight that handle on your profile page. As a bonus, more users might be open to contacting you about promotion if they can reach you through social media:


In an email that Digital Marketer sent to their subscribers, they offered three lines of communication for a response [email, phone, or through Facebook Messenger]. Of the replies they got, about 50% of them were through Facebook.


2) Respond in a timely manner


Imagine walking into a coffee shop, standing in front of the cashier, and getting helped 10-15 minutes later. Though that time isn’t very long, did it meet your expectations of how long it would be to order a cup of coffee? Probably not, and similar standards apply to social media.


The culture around social media involves fast responses, updated in real-time. According to Salesforce, they note that about 42% of customers expect a response via social within 60 minutes, and 32 percent expect a response in just 30 minutes.


If you’re opening up your business to these platforms, understand that adhering to these expectations [or exceeding them] can help your organization stand out and gives your customers timely recognition of their concerns, questions, and praises.


3) Personalize it when possible


Every user that reaches out to you wants to be heard. If your customer database is integrated enough to identify who is engaging with you on social media, then you might be able to further personalize your responses past a first name basis. With this approach, it might be easier to utilize Facebook because of the likelihood that someone’s full name is the username. 


If you use integrated software like Hubspot, it’s possible to look at a history of that person’s engagement with your business – from email opens, to offer downloads, and more. So if John Doe is sending you a Facebook Message about a promotional email they received, you’ll be able to know which one it is, which promotions they’ve opened before, and how long they’ve been a customer. This then gives your client-facing teams more information to personalize their messages



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