4 Ways to Elevate the Customer Journey Using Video

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It is a good bet that your customers enjoy watching videos. Whether they want to learn, be entertained, or discover new things, video is increasingly popular, with 239 billion hours of video consumed in Q4 of 2020 across the globe. How can you use this medium to make your customer journey the best possible?

We have four tactics with real-world examples to show you:

  • How to reduce your customer acquisition costs
  • Smooth out your onboarding
  • Boost your retention rates
  • Deliver excellent customer support

Tactic #1: Raise Awareness & Acquire New Customers


Getting your brand in front of your potential customers and enticing them to buy your product or service is the bread and butter of the business. The world may have gotten smaller with the advent of online business, but it is still not cheap to acquire customers


According to Profitwell, the average customer acquisition cost [CAC] has increased by 60% in the last five years. Yet, companies that use video to acquire customers have the lowest CAC of all content-driven marketing channels. 


Video is a massively popular medium. Instagram recently shifted focus from photos to videos, which is a clear signal that the future of content is skewing towards video. How can your business harness the power of video content? By incorporating drone footage of exceptional quality into your videos using stock drone videos, you can stand out from the competition and effectively engage with your audience.


Visme is a Software-as-a-Service [SaaS] that offers tools to create visuals like logos and infographics for your content. It uses its YouTube channel to host engaging content that teaches designers and amateurs to create resources like presentations, brochures, and flyers.


The videos are also search engine optimized [SEO'd] to ensure that people can find the content easily and see the value of the product before they buy it. 


Tactic #2: Onboard New Customers


Getting your customers through the learning curve is key to creating advocates for your products. However, in a survey of over 500 SaaS companies, 33% said that their product lacked a strong onboarding process or the current one was not up to par. 


Whether your product is SaaS or a physical item, you can create videos that will help your new users figure out exactly what to do to get started. Not only is this super accessible to your users, but it also reduces the need to have people manually onboard new customers so you can focus your team efforts elsewhere. 


The cold email marketing tool Lemlist has put together a demo video on their YouTube channel to help users get started. It teaches users how to use the email marketing service to start a cold emailing campaign, one of the key features of their product. 


Having the video accessible at all times means that users can refer back to it whenever they want, and you can show exactly what they need to do using images, text, and audio so you can match a range of learning styles. 


Tactic #3: Educate & Retain Your Customers


Keeping your customers happy and loyal to your company can boost your ROI, and video is a great tool to get your message across. According to HubSpot, as little as a 5% increase in your customer retention rate can boost profits by 25-95%. What business doesn't want to see a return like that?


Using video to educate your customers about getting the absolute best out of your product will keep them loyal since they can realize the full value of what you have to offer. 


Uscreen gives its clients the tools to create a video monetization business and offers many different features to support growing companies. Not everyone wants to get on the phone or spend time reading through a guide, so they produce video content for their customers. Picsart, on the other hand, uses its Picsart API tools to allow creative solutions and tools to be added directly to the website.


Listen to your users' questions and create clear visual guides. Add voiceovers using text to speech software for them to follow and answer questions in the comments, too, so everyone knows that they are listened to and appreciated.


Tactic #4: Enhance Your Customer Support Efforts


Having a great team in place to support your customers through challenges and difficulties with your product should be a given. Your business reputation depends on getting great reviews and avoiding negative reviews. 


According to Trustpilot, 31% of customers in Europe leave a negative review to get back at a company after a sub-par experience. Video can be an innovative way to provide great customer support. Offering webinars, running Q&A sessions, and holding "office hours" sessions give your customers a way to get in touch and feel like they are being heard - and the video will be around for future reference, too. 


By hosting Office Hours sessions, content, and SEO, SaaS Clearscope can make sure that pain points are dealt with openly and visuallyThis means that their users can check out answers to common problems, and your team does not have to repeat the same advice or process repeatedly. That's all for our ways to use video for your customer journey, so let's wrap this up. 


Wrapping Up


Your customer journey is a powerful tool to keep your business on the path to success. Video is an ever more important medium, and businesses that can use it throughout their relationship with their customers will now future-proof their operations. You can integrate video into every customer lifecycle stage, from acquisition to onboarding, retention, and support. 


Want more ways to elevate your customer journey? DH offers on-site & virtual WOW Customer Service Workshops that focus on creating a memorable, positive experience to keep your customers coming back again & again. 


About the Author

PJ Taei

PJ is the founder and president of Uscreen, an all-in-one video monetization platform that empowers video entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their content and build thriving businesses around their videos. 


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