5 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Workplace Culture

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Happy employees increase profits. An optimal workplace is one in which your employees feel connected to the mission and are driven by your organization's higher purpose. So, how do you, as a business leader, create an optimal workplace? By improving your work culture, you can create an environment where employees flourish and thrive. 

Fortunately, technology has made it possible to foster an influential culture no matter what your work situation looks like. Even with remote employees, multiple offices, or a combination of the two, technology has the ability to bring teams together. This togetherness creates a unique workplace culture that is a valuable part of growing your business. 


From simplifying training and mapping career paths, technology can help your employees learn and grow. Improving communication, improving employee recognition, and boosting morale create a stronger team. You can even use technology to improve the health and well-being of your valuable workers. Keep reading to learn how to use these tools to make your workplace culture better than ever.


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Flexible Educational Opportunities


Training can be a tedious part of running a business. But it is a necessary component of keeping employees up to date and helping them grow. Technology can make training flexible and fun. 


The traditional method of training requires complicated scheduling and the loss of valuable work hours. It creates the exhausting task of trying to get all of the necessary employees and trainers together at the same place at the same time. Virtual training eliminates these hurdles.


With online training courses, employees can complete their training at a time that is convenient for everyone. Your employees can move through the training material at their own pace and on their own terms. It also allows them to complete training in the comfort of an environment that works best for them. Many employees learn better and are more efficient when working from their homes.


With different learning styles, online training modules allow you to convey information in several ways. You can offer podcasts for your auditory learners and slideshows for your visually learning employees. One way to add a visual component to your online training is with the PicsArt Photo Editor. This user-friendly photo-editing tool allows you to create stunning visuals for your online training materials. Online interactive activities are a great way to appeal to more kinesthetic learners. By allowing them to ingest the information according to their learning styles, your employees will better retain it long-term. 


Online training can be enjoyable. Integrating games and competitive quizzes makes learning fun. Contests for the highest quiz scores or completing the most modules can foster friendly competition. Friendly competition can drive employees to learn more and perform better.  


Create Career Growth Paths 


Programs that help your employees create a career path are extremely beneficial to everyone. Providing this type of technology fosters a culture of growth. It also shows your employees that you care about them and their future. Having a clear career path gives your staff goals to work towards, and by meeting those goals, it will encourage further development. 


Create technology that allows employees to map their career paths. This should allow them to set both short-term and long-term goals. It gives your employees an encouraging visual of not only where they strive to go in their careers but also of their past successes. 


Developing a mentorship program will help employees realize their future potential. Technology allows you to match employees with the best possible mentor, even if they are in a different physical location. Video conferencing, online meetings, and sharing their career paths allows mentors to act as a guide. 


Sharing internal job listings are a great way to show that you value the culture of promoting from within by:

  • Motivating employees
  • Improving retention
  • Saving you recruiting costs.

In fact, twenty-nine percent of employees leave their jobs due to the lack of opportunity. 


Reduce turnover and use technology to share relevant listings with employees based on their position, skills, and career goals. Allowing them to see the opportunity for growth will drive them to work harder and help them reach their professional goals. This is a win for you, too, since you will be able to fill your roles with better-suited candidates. 


Improve Communication


Communication is a cornerstone of businesses. Strong lines of communication allow your employees to work best together and create a flourishing workplace culture. Technology also provides the means for flexibility and offers many options for communicating. 


Studies show that employees can be forty-seven percent more productive when working from home. Technology gives them that option. The ability to communicate just as if you were in the physical office removes the barriers to working remotely. It provides remote employees the option of working from home while remaining part of the workplace environment. 


Employees become frustrated when they do not have the tools to do their jobs well. The ability to communicate with customers and clients effectively gives them the satisfaction of providing exceptional service. Providing access to communicative technology gives them the tools to do their best work which will make everyone happy. 


In-person communication is often the most effective. However, sometimes it is just not possible or ideal. Videoconferencing tools allow for more quality communication, according to sixty-two percent of executives. Being able to see the gestures and facial expressions of the people in the conversation makes communicating more effective.


Boost Employee Morale


Technology gives you, as a leader, valuable tools to boost your employees' morale and improve the culture of your workplace. There are endless programs and apps to keep your employees connected and develop their relationships. You can also use these tools for employee encouragement and recognition programs. 


Allow employees to provide feedback through online portals. Their thoughts and opinions offer the best framework to improve the workplace environment. Just showing you care about how they feel can do wonders for morale—making an effort to adjust to their preferences will improve everyone's moods and attitudes. 


Recognizing a job well done is an integral part of creating a positive workplace. Use technology to advertise employee accomplishments. You can virtually reward employees with small prizes like e-gift cards to show your appreciation.


Encourage Well-being


Well-being is an essential component of a happy workplace culture. Having the technological tools to encourage healthy habits is vital. This will help you improve the physical health and mental health of your employees.


Online fitness challenges are a great way to get your team moving. Step goals and contests encourage an active workplace.


Some ideas to promote an active workplace include:

  • Access to healthy recipes
  • Online workouts
  • Encourage attendance at local fitness events

Encouraging and promoting well-being leads to a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace.  


Mental health is also crucial for efficiency and culture. Providing tools that encourage breaks in the workday reduces burnout and fatigue. Online access to mental health services will give employees a safe place to turn to when they need assistance. 


The Future of Workplace Culture


We are truly living in an adaptive age, as the way we live and work is constantly changing. As business leaders, we must adapt in order to thrive in the future of work. More companies and employees are opting for remote work environments. As this shift continues, employers must lean on technology to improve and cultivate workplace culture. 


As innovations and technology continue to grow, the workplace will have access to more and more tools to improve the culture. Groundbreaking programs will give teams the ability to foster positive moods within their organizations. Technology will provide leaders with more ways to create workplaces that are fun and engaging and promote more meaningful interactions.

If you want to create a happier, more profitable workplace culture, DH offers virtual and in-person tools to help you achieve your workplace goals.

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