5 Ways to Build & Maintain a Reputation that will Attract Top Talent

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5 ways build & maintain

A company is defined by the people who work there. If you have qualified, skilled, and competent employees, your company will rise to the top. If not, then you can conveniently shun your ambition of becoming an industry leader. But to grab the attention of overachievers, you need to build a strong reputation in the market that will act as a beacon of light for the best talent. According to LinkedIn, highly-reputed companies see:


  • 28% decrease in the organization’s turnover
  • 50% more qualified applicants
  • 100%-200% faster hiring
  • 50% reduction in cost-per-hire

So, here are the following things you must keep in mind to attract the best quality talent. 


1. Establish an Excellent Online Presence


The LinkedIn report suggests that 75% of candidates research the company’s profile before applying for it on recruitment portals. So, check how your website looks like — the content, the presentation, the graphics. Also, refine your image across social media platforms. In a world where there are more social media users than its total population, you need to be super careful of what goes out in the digital world. Remember that if your digital footprint doesn’t evoke interest in the candidate’s mind, they would most probably be absorbed by your competitors. If need be, you can hire freelance copywriters and graphic designers to create top-notch content for your website.


2. Turn Employees into Brand Advocates


Humans trust first-hand experiences more than third-party advertisements. Employee testimonials function as word-of-mouth advertorials that provide a first-hand experience to candidates about your company’s work culture and day-to-day functioning. You can shoot some fantastic videos that display how engaging and fun it’s to work in your company. Ask your employees to speak about their journey — what they have learned and contributed to the company. Upload these videos on YouTube and let the whole world see why your company is the best place to work. 


3. Make Social Media Your New Home


Social media is the best place to build a strong image for your brand. Why? Because it allows for sharing information in a less formal way and in a tone that touches the heart. 


Share high-quality pictures along with eye-catchy captions that hold the reader’s attention. Talk about what makes your company better and more fantastic than your competitors. Give candidates a sneak peek into your workplace and the exclusive benefits they will get when they become a part of your company. 


4. Explain the Benefits 


Don’t forget to create an attention-grabbing “Careers” or “Our Team” section on your website. Mention the perks and benefits that employees get while being a part of your company. 


Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey shows that 60% of people consider perks and benefits before accepting a job offer. Here is a list of the most wanted benefits in the survey, from lowest to highest:

  • Office perks [casual dress, free lunch] 19%
  • Flexible schedule 30%
  • 401(k) plan, retirement plan, and/or pension 31%
  • Paid sick days 32%
  • Performance bonus 35%
  • Vacation/Paid time off 37%
  • Healthcare insurance [medical, dental] 40%

5. Reply to Employee Reviews on Job Portals


You understand the importance of product reviews, right? The same applies to employee reviews. If you receive excellent employee reviews on job portals, your probability of recruiting high-quality talent will substantially increase. 


So, track the kind of reviews you are getting on Glassdoor or Ambitionbox. Show your gratitude by leaving a praiseworthy comment and thanking the former employees for contributing their time, effort, and expertise while working for your company. 


Sometimes, you may also counter a few negative reviews. But please don’t panic. Many times, former employees use employee review sites to vent their frustration. Your job is to respond irrespective of the kind of reviews they are posting. Remember that when you respond to negative reviews, you eliminate potential misrepresentation of your company. Conversely, responding to positive reviews will show you as kind-hearted and caring for your employees. 




Branding not only helps companies to build a product line that everybody craves. It also allows creating a trustworthy company brand that everyone wants to associate with. Employees always search for a company that is well known worldwide and has a spotless reputation. Remember the tips mentioned in this article to build and maintain a solid reputation that will allow you to attract great talent from across the world. 



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