5 Ways to Stay Positive Throughout Your Working Day

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Long days at the office can be a drag and sometimes it can be hard to keep your spirits up. Staying positive, motivated and happy throughout your working day can be achieved however, and it might be easier than you'd think!

1. Have a good breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it’s been proven many times. WebMD suggest eating a hearty breakfast to be at your best all day. Eating a substantial breakfast before work will make sure that you stay full up until lunchtime, meaning irritating tummy rumbles or hunger pains won’t distract you from your work or put a downer on your mood. Not only that, but breakfast gives your brain energy to start the day and keep the ideas flowing all morning. If your brain isn’t happy, you aren’t happy- so make sure it has some fuel!

2. Talk to your colleagues

Studies have found that negative feelings such as loneliness, anger or frustration are nurtured in isolating conditions. Make sure if you start to feel depressed or negative that you don’t shut yourself away from your colleagues and try to deal with it yourself. If it is a work based problem they may be able to help or if it is personal confiding in someone can work wonders. Make sure if you are going to have a long, deep discussion that it is at an appropriate time, such as a lunch break. Alternatively, a quick catch up while you wait for the kettle to boil or a cheery hello in the corridor can boost your mood in seconds.

3. Trick your body into being happy

When you smile and laugh you are sending messages to your brain that you are in a good mood. Therefore, if you smile when you are trying to boost your mood, eventually your negative feelings will pass. Singing and exercise have a similar effect as they release endorphins (mood elevators). HowStuffWorks.com explains how endorphins create a ‘euphoric feeling’. Whilst it might be inappropriate to burst into song or do some star jumps at your desk, you could always go for a jog in your lunch break or have the radio on to hum along to. Additionally, doing mood-lifting activities at any time of the day can help improve your happiness at all other times. Therefore, going to the gym or singing club in the evenings will help you keep happy for longer in general.

4. Takes regular breaks to recharge

Often, the source of negative emotions is exhaustion or boredom. At work it is imperative that these feelings don’t arise. If you start to find your productivity levels drooping or your frustration rising, it’s probably time for a break. Take a five minute breather by getting a drink or visiting the bathroom, just to have some time away from the computer screen. You’ll find when you return you’ll be feeling much fresher and ready for another hour or so at the desk. Not only that but your mood will have lifted too.

5. Stay hydrated

Taking sips of water at regular 20 minute intervals keeps your brain active and your body refreshed and hydrated. If you don’t drink enough water throughout the day you will start to feel tired and get headaches, which don’t make for the best of moods. Have a glass of water by your desk and take a sip every so often. As soon as it’s empty refill it to make sure you always have it ready if you need it. Drinking tea and coffee is all well and good, but you can’t beat water to keep you feeling positive.

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