6 Actionable Tactics to Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

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Providing excellent customer experience translates to having a customer-centric mindset when designing everything from website UX to your customer service system. In this blog, we look at six actionable tactics that will help you take your customer experience to the next level. 


Simplify Product Selection 


Some potential customers may not have the knowledge and insight necessary to choose the right product for their needs. This is especially likely if you offer a vast range of products. This may lead to a fair bit of frustration, as they manually try to compare different items. 


When the solution is offered in a straightforward way, like a quiz or a questionnaire, it helps them make a purchasing decision. For instance, Gili Sports has a “Which Paddle Board is Right for Me” quiz that allows novice paddleboard shoppers to find one that will match their skills. Plus, it is a fun way to engage customers as well. 


Source: Gilisports.com


Offer Exceptional Support and Customer Service 


Your customer service and tech support need to be readily available throughout the customer lifecycle and not just right before a purchase. Customers might have questions about a product or want to browse and chat before they convert. You need to make this service readily available. 


The process will also allow you to gather data about your customers. You can later use this data to shape their UX and your company culture. After all, personalization is the latest and hottest trend in marketing. So, make the most of every data-gathering opportunity you have at your disposal. 


Create a Community for Your Customers 


Community building provides more than just a great customer experience. It: 

  • gives you insight into customer mindset and pain points
  • establishes trust between customer and brand
  • provides an avenue for unparalleled support

After all, chatting to someone in a community and helping them out carries much more weight than replying to a customer’s inquisitive email.


The Salesforce Trailhead offers a great example of a thriving customer community. Discussions and problem-solving are the absolute norms here, and the community is one of the kindest on the web. If you are new to the sales arena, this is the place to learn. 


Aura is a good example of community-building on social media. Their Facebook group is just as full of Amazon sellers swapping stories and tips, helping each other grow their e-commerce brands. 


Provide Some Social Proof 


Credible and honest social proof establishes trust between your brand and your customers. First-timers will especially appreciate the fact that you took the time to lean on the words of others instead of merely selling your wares. 


The key to using social proof well is ensuring you figure out what your leads are most likely to trust. It might be a product review, a testimonial, a case study, or a celebrity endorsement. And, of course, you want to keep it 100% genuine and not fake or force positive word of mouth. 


A good example of using social proof well is Transparent Labs. Their product pages feature plenty of detailed reviews to help new customers figure out whether they like a product.



Source: Transparentlabs.com


Offer Loyalty Programs 


Customers love to be rewarded. They love freebies and discounts, and they appreciate loyalty programs, especially if they have a clear goal to work towards. They tend to increase their spending as they approach their goal and can even make purchases they do not necessarily need just to hit a specific milestone. 


For your loyalty programs to work, make sure they are fair and achievable, first and foremost. You will also need to ensure that the rewards and levels are clearly spelled out. That way, customers will know precisely what they need to do to achieve a certain reward. They can decide whether they want to chase it or not. 


Make the Quotation Process Simple 


If you need to provide a quote to a customer and you are not able to make a straightforward sale, make sure this process is as simple as possible. Ask for the minimal amount of information to help you provide the quote and automate whatever you reasonably can. Ideally, remove the need to speak to a sales rep. 


Mixam has done a great job of simplifying its order process, for example. While each customer needs a different service and it is essentially entirely personalized, you never need to speak to someone. You are given all the relevant information about pricing and shipping immediately, making for a much smoother customer experience.


Source: Mixam.com


Final Thoughts 


Leveling up your customer experience comes down to upgrading your mindset. Do not just equate a positive experience with a smooth checkout process and fast delivery. Every interaction and aspect of doing business with you needs to be smooth, pleasant, and straightforward. Hopefully, our tactics will help you achieve this.


Level up your org's customer service experience with a WOW Customer Service Workshop. WOW goes beyond focusing on creating a memorable, positive experience that will keep customers coming back time after time. 


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