6 Tips to Engage Employees During Challenging Economic Times

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(Above image reprinted from article by The HR Observer)

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Watch a bit of #cultureinspiration to help your employees stay engaged through tough economic times. In the above video, leaders at the Coca-Cola Company, Gallup, Great Place To Work, and Delivering Happiness offer advice on how to maintain happiness in the workplace. A few of our favorite tips include being honest and transparent, giving employees a sense of control by removing obstacles, and leading with trust, compassion, and stability.

"In the midst of layoffs, pay cuts, and tight budgets, your team’s morale and loyalty is stretched to its limits. While traditional incentives like bonuses and salary increases are unavailable, it can be difficult for employees to simply keep their heads above water and stay productive. The HR Observer caught up with four experts over coffee at the recently held FAHR International Conference for ideas on what organisations can do to keep their employees engaged, motivated and productive during challenging economic times."
- Written by The HR Observer

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