A Customer Service Center with Low Turnover, Happy Customers, and Happy Employees? It Exists!

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Delivering Happiness Culture Company Example Contento Customer Service

A few of our previous clients have earned top spots in the "Great Place to Work" assessments and are still largely desirable employers in the job market with great retention rates and reputations. Why? Because of their company cultures! As we travel to meet other companies, we thought it would be great to highlight a few. Meet Contento, a call center that is changing the industry for retention and customer happiness!


Contento Leadership Executives Colombia Culture


Contento, an Employee-and-Customer Centric Call Center


Our Culture Chief Sunny met Contento's leadership team at A la Rueda Rueda's Happiness Congress event in Colombia, where Sunny spoke and led a breakout session on happiness and customer experience. She had fantastic things to say about them and we just had to share it with you!


Contento is one of the largest call center companies in Colombia, focused on collecting debts and marketing information - to most people, these not such a excited ventures. But at Contento, they have reframed their work through their higher purpose: to manage dreams. So instead of nagging customers for money, they work with them to manage their debt in a much happier way. Contento's employees also consider themselves as una gran familia haciendo que los sueños sean posibles, which translates to "a big family making dreams possible.


Calling on Core Values and Purpose


Contento Core Values Wall ColombiaIt's amazing to see what the impact of core values and purpose can do to motivate people at all levels of an organization. Their core values are Constancy, Coherence, Listening and
Humility [all great values when it comes to giving WOW customer experiences]!


In an industry where employee turnover rate is 20-30%, Contento has achieved a lower rate at around 3-8%! By aligning the right behaviors to their values, their culture has learned to live sustainably and 'breathe' on its own. 


A Thriving Workplace 


Contento Headquarters Break Room Colombia

Like most great cultures, they have an awesome headquarters too!


Take a peek at their break rooms, which are designed to be like "picnics". They're a perfect blend of zen and liveliness to keep the momentum of the day going. 



Contento also does an amazing job putting one of our favorite elements of employee happiness to work - creating a sense of progress for all 2,700 of their employees. One way is through the pins on their lanyards. We've seen other companies try to do this and it didn't last very long because of the lack of alignment in their cultures.


IMG_3467But at Contento, it's an integral part of their culture. These buttons don't have to only do with work achievements, but they're also awarded for going after your personal dreams too!


Because the company's higher purpose is to manage dreams,  they recognize their employees with pins when they achieve their own! In the picture to the right, Director Nico is showing off his pin for sky-diving!


We loved meeting Contento and are so excited to see where else our adventures in culture continue to lead us! Stay tuned for more highlights on our awesome company cultures from around the world. 


We'll host a workshop for your workplace so you can take the next step on your culture journey.






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