A Peek at Where We Delivered Happiness| Q2

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Quarterly Peek

The past 15 months have been a wild, chaotic ride filled with uncertainty but sprinkled with a few bright spots. We have become more connected even though we were distanced. And we discovered what truly matters most in life. Organizations have realized that the job gets done no matter where the work happens. Giving people more flexibility and freedom provides a better balance and provides space for people to explore their passions and expand their purpose. 


When organizations and their people are connected to their individual and team passion and purpose, everyone thrives. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight these connections and help businesses move from surviving 2020 to thriving in 2021.  


Check out where we delivered happiness in the second quarter of 2021. 


Where We Have Been:


2021 Unified Women's Healthcare All States Meeting

The theme of this meeting was Reconnecting with Your Role in Healthcare. DH CEO & Co-founder Jenn Lim delivered a keynote aimed at inspiring people to take charge of their own happiness and remember why they went into medical practice [the practice or administration of] in the first place.


Lockheed Martin Keynote

DH CEO & Co-founder Jenn Lim delivered a keynote to Lockheed Martin as they recently launched a culture initiative to improve employee morale and effectiveness. Jenn helped them discover how data-driven decisions on employee happiness can correlate to ROI for business.


NACCU Annual Conference

DH CEO & Co-founder Jenn Lim delivered a Leading Authorities keynote speech at this annual conference. Following the keynote Sunny Grosso, Lead Coach|sultant & Culture Chief with DH conducted an interactive workshop leading participants through the first steps to sustainable happiness in work and life.  


Diversity Huddle| DH Live Online Event

In this 60-minute community huddle, we discussed how to become an inclusive leader and practical tools to cut through the noise, and how to begin the conversation about DEIB. This event was lead by DEIB expert Jeannine Carter, former Head of Diversity Engagement at Facebook and now Chief DEIB Innovator at DH, and Sunny Grosso, global culture expert, and DH Culture Chief.


AHi: Inspire Summit Housing Institute 

Inspire was a three-day, virtual event bringing together the housing sector from across Australia and New Zealand. The summit focused on three core strategic pillars of Leadership: Culture and Innovation and was developed to inspire this sector towards greatness so that they can achieve better outcomes for the community. DH Culture Chief Sunny Grosso delivered a keynote and panel discussion on the final day of the summit. 


Google: Cultivating a Healthy Spirit

DH Culture Chief Sunny Grosso delivered a Mindset & Passion keynote to Google Technology Sales Leadership Team. She focused on building a mindset to support passion and joy at work.


DH's Newest On-Demand Course-The Humor Advantage.

In this course, Paul Osincup, Humor Strategist and host of the DH Podcast, shares evidence-based strategies for developing your sense of humor into an intentional mindfulness tool to reduce stress and boost your well-being and productivity. Using a combination of proven strategies & research from positive psychology, neuroscience, improv, and stand-up comedy, you'll leave with numerous actionable ways to start using your own sense of humor as a mindfulness tool. 




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