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It has been a wild, bumpy ride that's we've all been on since 2020 began. And it seems like we aren't getting off the ride any time soon. We've had to embrace the bumps, lean into the twists and turns and adapt to accept this new norm. 

Control & change what we can. Embrace &

adapt to what we can't-Jenn Lim


At DH, we have been honored and thrilled to help the following organizations take control and change while embracing and adapting to success in the future of work.  


Franklin Templeton Capital Holdings Mid-Year Outlook Conference. 


This global investment group is driven to collaborate, both inside and outside of our investment organization, to provide a forum for investment insights and their practical application. DH CEO & Co-Founder Jenn Lim was asked to attend their Mid-Year Outlook Conference to speak about the science of happiness and how authentic leaders can prioritize purpose and profits for growth and impact.  


Lenders One 2021 Summit 


The summit was designed to bring together the brightest, most ambitious minds in the mortgage industry, where this community comes together to connect and grow. DH Lead Coach|sultant & Culture Chief Sunny Grosso was asked to deliver a keynote that focused on the Leadership and Culture Track: Maintaining Culture in a Changing Environment. 


Want more from Sunny? Check out the Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast with Dr. Lynda. Sunny & Dr. Lynda discussed the true power of a positive work culture. 


KHA Annual Convention & Trade Show 


The Kansas Hospital Association [KHA] is a voluntary, non-profit organization that provides leadership and services to member hospitals. KHA is the lead organization in a group of companies and affiliates that provides a wide array of services to Kansas and the Midwest region hospitals. The Association has provided its membership with opportunities to share information, receive continuing education, and develop legislative and regulatory reform approaches. Our frontline healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to combat this pandemic and are experiencing high levels of burnout. KHA asked Jenn Lim to deliver a keynote speech to senior leadership at the Annual Kansas Hospital Association's Trade Show & Convention.   


BCG Digital Ventures Sr. Leadership Meeting 


Jenn and Sunny teamed up to attend BCG Digital Ventures' senior leadership team meeting. BCG Digital Ventures works with start-ups to apply innovation to help them launch, scaling and invest from the ground up. In addition to a keynote speech delivered by Jenn, Sunny Grosso joined the group for a Q&A and two breakout sessions, Managing Well-Being: How Leaders Can Support Thriving in the New Normal and Leading through Purpose. 


Facebook Workplace Social Live 


Jenn and Workplace Head of Global Executive Solutions, Abby Guthkelch, participated in an interactive roundtable with a small group to discuss the importance of fostering a sense of belonging in the workplace to keep hybrid teams engaged. Watch the recording here. 


CreateXChange Event 


In this virtual event, Jenn Lim discussed her new book BEYOND HAPPINESS. Jenn explained why the modern workplace needs to think beyond to get tangible results. BEYOND HAPPINESS is the life-changing guide that will empower you to find greater purpose in your own life and career, and in return, enable the people around you to do the same.


Oh, and did I mention the new WSJ Bestselling book?! Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose & Profits for Growth & Impact is now available. People are searching for a deeper level of happiness—going beyond means being real and resilient so we can become our true authentic selves. Embracing our highs and lows, strengths, and blind spots to unlock the human factor in the workplace to make a lasting impact on the world.  


Are you looking to bring this kind of excitement to your next event? Let's chat about how we can bring happiness to your next event.

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