A Peek at Where We've Delivered Happiness| Q2 2022

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We slowly exhale as things seem to return to some semblance of the time BC [before Covid] with a significant difference- employees are leading the charge in how workplaces should function. Employees want purpose, work/life integration, and autonomy at work. Fortunately, DH has been working with orgs for 10+ years proving that happy employees equal happier customers, which leads to higher profits, and more meaningful lives. We are excited to be back on the road and in the air, delivering happiness and what's beyond. Here are a few of the orgs we've had the pleasure of working with in Q2. 


SHRM New Mexico 


SHRM New Mexico is a non-profit, 100% volunteer organization whose primary objective is to support and further the human resource profession in their state. DH CEO, Cofounder, and best-selling author Jenn Lim was invited to deliver a Keynote at the 2022 SHRM New Mexico Conference. This year's theme was Elevate + Innovate. 




TIAA first created a sustainable retirement system for teachers. Today, they are the leader in serving the financial needs of people in academic, government, medical, cultural, and other non-profit fields. This is a GREAT people-focused org but was experiencing challenges with work-life balance, turning it off, and rising stress. Since this company believes in investing in its people, it wanted to provide tangible tools to help its team Adapt & Thrive. DH Culture Chief Sunny Grosso delivered an interactive keynote speech to the TIAA team to help them prioritize Purpose as a way to Adapt & Thrive in business and life. 


Capital One Learning Summit


This event aimed to help Learning & Development [L&D] Associates make connections for how their work fuels business strategy at Capital One. Their goal was to inspire and provide time for L&D Associates to invest in their own learning and development and share strategies that promote sustainability through self-care. Jenn Lim was invited to deliver the keynote speech at this year's Summit. Jenn discussed creating a happy and thriving work environment using practical tools, exercises, and best practices.


American Family Insurance 


American Family Insurance strives to help people protect what matters most. DH's Connection Cultivator, Cathy Courtenay, guided the American Family Insurance team through the uniquely designed Happy Communication Workshop. In this workshop, she helped the team discover how human communication supports workplace culture and vice versa. Jeremy Steinmetz, the Divisional Support Services Manager, said, "I am very thankful for Cathy and the approach she took with my leadership to have an authentic and open conversation around human connection, teamwork, and communication."


Support World Live


Each year, HDI unites the global IT service and supports the community for an epic conference and expo to share best practices, network, overcome similar challenges, and celebrate success. Support World Live is where smarter service starts and better business begins. Jenn was invited to deliver a keynote, Beyond Happiness: Why Purpose Is the Secret to Team Performance. 


Palestra Capital Management


Palestra Capital Management is a hedge fund company based in New York, NY. Lead Coach|sultant™ and Culture Orchestrator Shereen Eltobgy guided the Palestra team through our Wholeness leads to High-Performance Workshop using the DH framework and Wheel of Wholeness exercises. 


World 50 Group Summit


World 50 is a private community for senior-most executives from globally respected organizations to intimately share ideas, solutions, and collaborative discovery free from the press, competition, and solicitation. Jenn joined the Summit to speak about leadership, motivation, influence, connectedness, and productivity. 


2022 Customer Relationship Management Conference [CRMC]


CRMC brings together retailers to openly share their marketing and CRM strategies, ideas, and challenges. The 2022 theme for this conference was New Frontiers in Emotional Loyalty, with a specific focus on human potential and purpose which is something Jenn Lim knows about. Jenn was invited to deliver the opening keynote titled Flowing Beyond Happiness in Retail to Unleash Human Potential for Purposeful + Positive ROI (Ripple of Impact). 


Lakefield Veterinary Group


DH Culture Chief Sunny Grosso and Senior Coach|sultant Vero Fernandez Mesias 

Delivered the following workshops to the Lakefield team: Purpose Alignment

Values to BehaviorsUncover the WhyTrain the Trainer program to empower the Lakefield team to become their own culture ambassadors. Lakefield has already begun turning these learnings into action by launching the #FindYourHappy initiative. Their new trainers are traveling all over the United States for interactive training sessions at all of their hospitals in the next few months.



"My experience with Sunny and Vero, Delivery Happiness coaches, far exceeded my expectations and left me speechless. Their professionalism, dedication, intelligence, fun, down-to-earth personalities pushed me out of my comfort zone every day, which allowed me to go deeper into fully understanding myself as a leader in my organization and who I am with my family."- Angie Cantu | Area Manager


Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits


Southern Glazer'sGlazer's Wine and Spirits is the premier beverage distributor for wines, spirits, beer, CBD, and non-alcoholic products in the U.S. and Canada. Sunny and Senior Coach|sultant Ron Mandel delivered a keynote and Connections Workshop that focused on aligning on the key elements for building the culture that will drive their team's success. 


Vua Nem


Vua Nem is a leading brand in the distribution, retail, and bedding sector in Vietnam. We are excited to share that our global partner DH Vietnam guided the Vua Nem team through a four-day DH Masterclass [the DH Experience]. The Vua Nem team is very committed [Cam Kêt means commitment in Vietnamese]. Further showing their commitment, the Chairman and the CEO also participated in the event, making it easy for the entire team to get on board with the DH model. 



In addition to all of these meaningful delivers, we have also relaunched Jenn Lim's LinkedIn Newsletter and the DH Facebook group. And Jenn has been featured in the following publications and podcasts:

We are honored to have worked with these fantastic organizations to help them create happy & human workplaces. How can we help you?


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