A Peek at Where We've Delivered Happiness| Q4 2022

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2022 introduced us to many workplace trends like the Great Resignation, quiet quitting, talent shortages, and massive layoffs in the tech industry, and of course, we witnessed the debacle of Twitter 2.0. All the highs and lows of the 2022 market gave us whiplash and left us with trepidation as we closed the chapter.   


We've learned [or hopefully learned] from 2022 that the old way of work isn't working anymore. There is a greater need for people to protect their mental, physical and emotional health. How, when, and where work gets done doesn't have to be rigid. The hustle culture and being constantly on is no longer seen as a "good" thing. And boundaries need to be created and respected by both the employee and employer. Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact [BH] feels even more relevant today than when it was released in 2021. Now more than ever, there is a call to make work more human and encourage people to bring their whole selves to work. 


At DH, we are so grateful to share the tools and learnings from BH with so many organizations this past year, helping them create even more purposeful, impactful, and intentional cultures for all. 


Here are just a few clients we've worked with in Q4 of 2022.


Raytheon Technologies


DH CEO & Co-founder Jenn Lim was invited to deliver a keynote speech to Raytheon Technologies' global leadership team of ERGs. This group is an employee resource group that drives diversity and inclusion initiatives. After the event, the Chief Diversity Officer approached Jenn and said the keynote was "exactly what they needed." Jenn said the Raytheon ERG team was some of the most passionate people, knowing that most are taking on these roles above and beyond their current responsibilities because they're passionate about creating diverse, inclusive environments that embrace everyone. They were so inspired and energetic because they hadn't been able to have these challenging conversations in the past. The Raytheon team invited Jenn to attend a party after the event, which was held at a science museum. Jenn said it was a very cool moment, seeing all of the beautifully diverse people spending time together surrounded by mummies from around the world. 


raytheon (2)


In addition to Raytheon Technologies, Jenn was also invited to deliver keynote speeches at Pepsico, Economist Impact's Innovation @Work Asia, Elevate a Madiant Initiative, the Athena Health Thrive Summit, Visier Solutions' Outsmart Local Event, Belmont University and the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, to name a few. 


Bay College


DH was invited to be a learning partner with AFIT in 2022. Alliance for Innovation & Transformation [AFIT] invites community colleges from around the country to participate in their annual Summer Institute Conference. It is a unique educational experience designed for CEOs and their teams to learn from world-class learning partners. Bay College was just one of the colleges that attended this year's summer institute and were inspired to bring BH teachings back to their campus. They invited Sunny Grosso, DH's Lead Coach|sultant, and Culture Chief, to speak to their staff during the annual back-to-class event. Emerging from our Greenhouse Model, they created miniature greenhouses to demonstrate the conditions they want to cultivate on their campuses. These are a physical representation of the Bay College staff's purpose, values, and vision for the future of work within the organization. One group even included Sunny in their greenhouse to remind them of what she shared. 


bay college (4)


Sunny was also invited to deliver a WOW Customer Experience Workshop at Bitpanda, a Purpose and Values Workshop at ByteDance, and a breakout session for AIMS Community College's Convocation Day. Sunny was invited to deliver keynote speeches at Civitas Learnings, Southern Veterinary Partners, and Management 3.0 Agile Conference. 


We are so very honored to have been a part of these great organizations' culture journey and are excited to see how they implement the tools and teachings to create greater ripples of impact in their teams, companies, communities, and society. 

Are you interested in bringing DH to your workplace? We offer on-site & virtual solutions to move your culture from surviving to thriving. 

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