A Peek at Who & Where We Delivered Happiness | Dec 2019

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Delivering Happiness is expanding on a global level and helping workplace culture around the world. A look at our past year and where we are headed in 2020.


Tis the season. Many of us are finishing up projects, tying up loose ends, or stopping by the break room for holiday treats. It’s also nice to reflect on the past year and celebrate the wins.


Here is a look at where Delivering Happiness has been in 2019 and where we are headed in 2020!


Where we've been:


Our journey with Century 21 Department Stores comes to a close this week. After 6 months of DH Executive Coaching, C21’s recent survey scores indicate the organization has seen great improvement in communication and collaboration. They have successfully implemented new practices and rituals leading them on a path to greater success next year.


Lead coach|sultant Shereen Eltobgy did an extraordinary job guiding them on their path and making sure they feel confident in their next steps toward success. We applaud them on their certification as a Great Place To Work® 2019 - 2020.


Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 2.51.23 PM


What's coming up next?


We just completed a MAP Workshop [Measure Assess Plan] with Curacao Airport Partners to help guide and direct their Masterclass coming up in January!


As a leader in innovation, it’s no surprise Curacao can see the value in aligning their internal culture with their company vision. They are on a mission to improve engagement, build trust, and help their employees feel more fulfilled. We look forward to the Masterclass in January so they can begin to see BIG results in 2020.


DeliveringHappiness just completed a MAP Workshop [Measure Assess Plan] with Curacao Airport Partners to help guide and direct their Masterclass coming up in January!



New Global Partnerships


Delivering Happiness is in the midst of a global expansion! We want to help organizations create happy and sustainable cultures in their region. We are excited about our newest partnerships this year! Welcome aboard.

DH Mexico

Bienvenidos, DH Mexico! The journey began in 2012 when Noemi Zozaya, who was part of DH Spain at the time first met DH Spain CEO Carlos. In 2015 she moved back to her hometown Mexico, and in July 2018 she called Carlos to tell him she's ready! 1 year later DH Mexico was born. She co-founded DH Mexico, with Jorge Rosas, who in his experience at Walt Disney, was responsible for leading the Diversity, Inclusion and Wellness initiatives for more than 60 countries. They decided to bring the DH movement to companies in Latin America, and we are so thrilled to be partners them!


Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 10.29.33 AM



DH Egypt


DMG came into this partnership with their purpose and heart first! We were impressed when they took things to another level and implemented culture into the very design of their building. They applied the science of happiness model to build an office space that would positively affect mood, inspire creativity, and boost efficiency. They are the epitome of a WOW culture! Glad to be partners with you, DH Egypt.  


Also, see why this 1000+ employee company was just named Top Employer in their region in our WOW Spotlight: DMG


Jenn Lim pictured with DMG team. They are new partners with Delivering Happiness. Welcome aboard DH Egypt! DMG was established more than two decades ago as an engineering and contracting company. Today DMG is a group in the Middle East with member companies in the three sectors of engineering, real estate and hospitality.


DH Japan

The people in Japan are known to work long hours and they suffer from frequent employee burnouts. We were thrilled when Giveness International stepped up and asked for our help to lead a shift in work culture throughout Japan.They have just finished their five-week certification program and are now officially partners. Great work to coach|sultants Sunny, Lotus, Valentina and Javier


Giveness International just completed their five-week certification program to become partners with DeliveringHappiness.



A note from Jenn Lim about Facebook


"Facebook's annual women's conference [W@LD] is where thousands of women from around the world gather and connect. This year the theme was “lead together” with speakers Sheryl Sandberg [FB COO] and Jada Pinkett Smith, so it was an honor to be one of the few external speakers.


I enjoyed seeing Facebook's commitment and investment to connecting women globally, an example of living up to their higher purpose and “bringing the world closer”. It was also very meaningful because I ran into the woman that suggested I speak at the conference several weekends ago, and her sincerity and gratitude for Delivering Happiness being there reinforced how much working with intentional people makes it so much more worthwhile. It truly felt like we were living out our personal and company’s purposes!"


DH Community Survey Results

The most common challenges. You're not alone.


Back in November, we sent out a community survey to get a better idea of what challenges you are facing within your organizations. The results were fascinating:


Nearly 60% of you are having trouble aligning your culture and strategy. You’re here because you want to make intentional improvements to your company culture. Maybe you’ve created core values and a mission statement, but you’re realizing that living those values daily is tough without a roadmap.


48% of you are dealing with conflict and communication breakdowns. Your organization thinks and operates in silos. Maybe you’ve got big egos driving the conversation, and the needs of the team aren’t being met. Your challenges are clear, but if your team doesn’t get on the same page, the consequences could be dire.


57% of you acknowledged the lack of employee engagement in your organization, and nearly half of you are struggling with attracting and retaining top talent. This is one of the biggest challenges we see with all our clients. Trying to remain productive and profitable despite a broken culture could make employees check out. You don't want your best people walking out. It can also create massive hiring challenges.



Creating a big impact in small increments.


At the start of 2019, we gave you How to Boost Productivity, a free ebook designed to make you think of how to inspire and motivate your teams. As we know, culture change begins in small increments and developing a values-based culture can take about 10 steps!


Even though the foundation of your culture [the ‘WHAT’] might look amazing on its own, every organization needs some tips on ‘HOW’ to make it come to life. To move your company from surviving to thriving, your culture has to get support from both the top-down and bottom-up. Instead of fighting each other, alignment is key to getting culture & business strategy to work together for a happier, more profitable, and more sustainable company culture.


As we move into 2020, how will you create a more meaningful impact for yourself, your teams, and your organization? Let us know in the comments below.



Wondering what happens in a DH Masterclass?

Watch the video below.




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