A Peek at Who & Where We Delivered Happiness | Oct 2019

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From finishing a values program with Sallie Mae to launching our upcoming partnership in Japan, the DH team has bringing happier cultures to work communities around the world. There's still time to register for our next webinar, so read on for more information and take a peek at where we are headed in November!


Where we've been:


Values Refresh with Sallie Mae

We have been preparing for this program since last November, almost a year in the making! It's amazing to witness the evolution of Sallie Mae's company core values. From just initial ideas on a pad of paper to a full 4-hour program that will teach over 1,500 employees on how to live and align with their new values, this evolving process has been wow-worthy to watch! Over the next 3-6 months, their 24 newly-trained facilitators will be rolling out this program and leading the cultural change they've all been waiting for. Congratulations Sallie Mae, we're happy to be your partners on your culture-building journey!


sallie mae core values refresh program delivering appiness 2019


Bringing Together Community at TCU

Jenn's keynote at Texas Christian University bridged the staff and student bodies together in a continuous effort to cultivate a meaningful campus life. When it comes to bringing lessons from campus out into the working world, one lesson that Jenn encouraged was to remember how the goals we choose for ourselves boil down to our desire to have a purposeful, happy life. Whether you're still in college or years into your career, the Science of Happiness can help you create more happiness in your life and the life of others!


Completing our Coach|sultant Masterclass Certification

We just finished up our in-person Masterclass certification program for a new class of coach|sultants. With more people learning how to coach clients on how to build happier cultures with our DH Blueprint, our purpose can extend out into the community in more ways than we ever thought. Aligned by purpose and grounded in the Science of Happiness, our teams are ready to bring more happiness to workplaces around the world. 


Don't know what a DH Masterclass is? Find out more: what happens in a dh masterclass


DH Japan Partnership Certification

Have you heard the great news? DH is expanding to Japan! Coach|sultants Sunny and Javier are in Tokyo meeting with the future DH Japan team and preparing them for their official launch. This partnership has been almost a year in the making since we hosted a Masterclass for the Giveness International festival in Tokyo. Click here to learn more about DH Japan's upcoming launch!


delivering happiness japan certification launch 2019



What's coming up next?


A Masterclass with Vensure Employer Services

Vensure is a full-service professional employer organization devoted to simplifying human resources management. As they look to build community among their different locations and scale a productive, engaged work culture along with their business growth, they called us in to help guide them along their culture journey with a DH Masterclass. Coach|sultants Shereen, Jess, and Erin will be meeting in Chandler, Arizona to help align and build on the company's culture strategy - we can't wait to meet all of them!


"What's your Culture Question?" Webinar

In our next DH webinar, we are bringing in two CEOs as our guest hosts - Jenn Lim [CEO of DH Global] and Carlos Pierra Serra [CEO of DH Spain]! This informal Q&A session is going to dive into questions that were submitted to us from registered attendees. Some questions are about building culture among remote workers, how to scale culture, and how to get CEOs and other executives on board with culture initiatives. There's are still some spots left open, register here!  


Are you looking to build a better culture but are unsure of how to start? Chat with a DH Coach|sultant to see what solutions are best for you: 




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Bri is the Impact Storyteller on the Delivering Happiness team. Working previously as a freelancer, her goal has always been to work with passionate people who are focused on helping individuals and businesses find their purpose. As part of DH, she now gets to accomplish that every day. Bri resides in Arizona and is lucky enough to enjoy the sun all year round.


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