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LinkedIn Recruiter Reunion 

We had an exciting kickoff to 2023 when DH CEO, Cofounder, and bestselling author Jenn Lim was invited to join LinkedIn's Director of Talent Acquisition, Nadia McKinney, for a fireside chat at this year's LinkedIn Recruiter Reunion [LRR] event.


They discussed the challenges that recruiters face in these wild, crazy times. Since 2020 hiring has been encumbered by trends such as the Great Recession, quiet quitting, and rage applying, coupled with hiring freezes and layoffs which 

This event offered an opportunity to support recruiters when they need it most. They are craving support, inspiration, and—most importantly—ways to connect. 


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One of the attendees said they "loved the vibe and energy [Jenn] had."

Farmers Insurance Open

Farmers Insurance Open hosted the Change the Game event, an inspiring program featuring compelling speakers who are creating change, rewriting the rules, and elevating opportunities for the next generation. Jenn was honored to be included in the awesome event. She joined CBS Sports Reporter for a real-talk fireside chat about current workplace issues, being authentic, and living your purpose. 


Jenn then joined a panel of badass athletes breaking barriers in a Q&A session. The athletes included best-selling author and activist Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first woman with a hijab to win an Olympic medal. Billy Bean, former MLB Outfielder and SVP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the MLB, was the first man that came out that played in major league baseball. And Kamaiu Johnson, PGA Tour Latinoamérica Golfer, a trailblazing black pro golfer, whose golf club in his hometown didn't allow black people inside until 2006. 


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The last question rounded up each panelist's themes of love, fighting for what's right, living out the gifts we were blessed with, and reflecting on (re)integration. Each person is their own light. Like candles, the light doesn't diminish when shared; it just shines brighter!


One of the audience commented that they were "inspired by [Jenn's] approach."


Culture Real-Talk Webinar

The last three years have been a rollercoaster, to say the least, with the impact of the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and all of these quiet trends. Jenn hosted Jen Fisher, Chief Well-Being Officer at Deloitte and Bestselling Author of Work Better Together, and Adam Rosendahl, CEO & Founder of Late Nite Art, as they open up a real-talk conversation around workplace trends for 2023. Here's a snippet of the webinar so you can check it out for yourself.  


These are just a few of the 2023 workplace trends they covered: 

  • A new social contract is needed beyond what the typical culture provides
  • Remote and hybrid work will continue despite the push for some to return back to the office. The shift will continue from where work gets done to how work gets done
  • Elevating the employee (and team) experience beyond the typical to being human @ work
  • The need to bring "human" back into "human resources" — reframing and elevating the role of HR beyond attraction, retention, and onboarding

Brightly Software


Brightly Software (formerly Dude Solutions) offers asset management solutions and invited Jenn Lim to join their Maintenance and Operations conference. This conference aims to inspire, challenge and celebrate their team. This year's theme is "Illuminate" and focused on "Imagine a world where…" to encourage positivity, forward-thinking, and planning. 




For over 15 years, Ethisphere has defined and measured corporate ethical standards, recognizes companies that excel, and promotes best practices in corporate ethics. Each year they compile a list of the world's most ethical companies. They also host an Annual World's Most Ethical Companies Honoree Gala to celebrate and acknowledge their endeavors to progress social, political, economic, and cultural movements to positively impact those communities and markets in which they operate worldwide and how corporate performance and purpose genuinely make a difference. Jenn was invited to be the featured keynote speaker at this year's gala and joined Ethisphere's CEO Erica Salmon for a fireside chat. Jenn discussed how leaders and organizations could navigate the evolution of the workplace, putting people, impact, and growth first.   


Fora Health 


The healthcare industry has endured so much during the pandemic and beyond. These challenges have increased burnout, job vacancies, workplace safety injuries, and decreased resilience. Leadership priorities have continued to shift focus to promote joy and happiness to maintain a safe work environment and positive care experience for their employees and patients. Embracing this shift, Fora Health invited DH Culture Chief Sunny Grosso to deliver the keynote about The Keys to Happiness. 

Are you looking to bring inspiration, motivation & fun to your next event? We offer keynotes, fireside chats & moderated Q&As. 


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