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The Nature of Boldness

Join Queen Latifah and Delivering Happiness's own Jenn Lim as they celebrate women being bold at the 18th annual Women's Leadership Conference...

Your Daily Activities Affect Your Happiness Today, AND Tomorrow

There is something predictable about being a researcher who studies happiness—when I tell people what I do, I tend to hear two questions: (1) how can...

Happiness, Achievement and Serendipity Infographic

A "sense of progress" or hitting milestones toward a particular goal is something we (and leading positive psychology research) consider one of the...

Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness, Giving Away 1000 Free Seats to New Virtual Core Values Workshop

We are excited to announce that Jenn Lim, CEO of Delivering Happiness, will be leading a new virtual workshop focused on distilling the building...


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