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Beyond Happiness [Going global & sneak peek of the book]

There's a new book coming soon! Beyond Happiness explores what happens when we begin to be real and resilient with ourselves to ask those difficult...

Why It's Imperative to Have a Culture Based on Ethics


Adam Smith, in his Theory of Moral Sentiments, saw no contradiction betweenmaximizing benefits and ethics. With time and deepening knowledge about...

#CULTURETIPS | Culture is Your Co-Founder

Culture isn’t a distraction, OK punk?!

This is a guest post by Laurence McCahill, co-founder of Spook Studio, a digital studio for entrepreneurs and innovative companies, and the driving...

Want Better Customer Service?

A customer is more than just a successful transaction. Customers represent an exercise in trust. He or she believes that by interacting with your...

5 Secrets of Inspirational Companies

Why do some businesses have such extraordinary appeal? And why are companies like Interface, Semco and Virgin so inspiring? What are the hallmarks of...

Nudge Yourself Toward Happiness

Summary: Doing what you say you want to do isn't always easy. Neuroscience explains why and how to make it more straightforward to choose to do the...

Make Living Gently a Core Value

by Erin Michelson


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