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Can a Company be Like a Family?

Summary: Respecting employees and including them in the organization can improve teamwork and business performance.

53% of Employees are Satisfied in Australasia

Heart Attack Risk Increased by Unemployment

Summary: Repeated bouts of unemployment might increase heart attack risk very much.

Employee Engagement Based in Values

12-Fold Increase in Business Results Linked to Gratitude

Summary: Thanking and recognizing employees can generate better results.

Self-Compassion in the Office

Summary: Self-compassion may be more sustainable and healthier than self-esteem.

Happiness Tracker: Staying in the Present

Summary: Keeping the mind focused on the present is associated with happiness.

Employee Happiness Good for Profits

Summary: Organizations that value their employees tend to be more productive and profitable.

77% of Contract Workers Said They are Happier

Summary: For some workers contracting may be more satisfying.


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