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How to Create a WOW Customer Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

How do you define a WOW customer experience?

When a customer experiences WOW, you are giving them a pleasant surprise. You are exceeding their...

How to Bring Culture to Your Current Investments

In a previous post, we introduced the Culture Canvas as a tool to assess whether a company has a Minimum Viable Culture to deliver their value...

How to Create a Minimum Viable Culture

The term Minimum Viable Product is well known in the startup world.

It is that version of a new product which can be deployed allowing a team to...

Why Culture is Your Co-Founder

Repeat after us: Culture is Your Co-Founder.

The Happiness Habit

by Javier Munoz

How to Keep the Culture Conversation Going

by Javier Munoz

When building a strong Culture, the number one challenge is for the whole organization to remain aware of its value, to include it as...

The Energy of Happiness

by Javier Munoz


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