Automation or Humanization? Tips to Attract the Best Talent

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Every business strives to have talented people on their team that can help elevate their company above their competition and flourish in their industry. Attracting the best talent is a never-ending battle since most promising companies are always on the hunt for the best employees.


It's essential to learn how to stand apart from the competition and show candidates why they should want to work for you. Start with improving the candidate experience so that you can draw the most talented candidates.


How do you accomplish this? By creating a hiring process that is effective, direct, and professional.


Think of Hiring Like a Sales Funnel


Great sales strategies are developed step by step. Before a potential customer becomes an actual customer, they go through multiple levels. You need to make sure the process is seamless. Discover all the obstacles and try to remove them.


The same could be applied in a hiring process. In a way, you're selling to the best talents. Plenty of talent is potentially missed because of specific barriers they've run into, like a coldhearted interviewer or an error when submitting a completed test. This is why it's essential to plan a hiring strategy to attract the best talent thoroughly.


Automation or Humanization?


The answer — both! A mixture of the two would likely give the best results. The fast pace of modern business requires automation in most jobs. The industry is at the peak of its development, and it seems most companies have too much work. Automation tools can reduce wasting time on simple tasks.


Filtering all candidates is an impossible job for the HR department, and automation is of immense help in those situations. The tool itself singles out those that don't meet the requirements. Always send automated mass emails acknowledging their submitted application and/or notify them about the results.


Keep in mind the best talents who have passed the first couple of hiring rounds aren't fond of communicating with an AI. They would like to talk to a real person with whom they can talk face-to-face.


Automation can be great for:

  • Diminishing bias-free hiring
  • Quickly removing unqualified applicants
  • Reducing hiring time
  • Job advertising

Speed Up the Process


If your hiring process takes a lot of time, competition can snatch the best talents away from you. You have around 10 days before most of the talent is off the market, claims a recent study by Officevibe.


Tools like email cadence software can help you by engaging your candidates before you make a decision. Keep them updated about the process.


Now, let's move on to the actual tips for drawing the best talent.


Build a Compelling Brand


There's a trend of employees changing their jobs more often than ever. Besides active job seekers, there are plenty of passive candidates. Passive candidates are employed, but they know their value and are always looking for better opportunities.


In fact, 73% of candidates are passive job seekers, so building a solid and desirable brand is vital. Focus on creating a great candidate experience but also work on having a robust customer relationship management strategy. That gives an overall positive image that can attract quality talent.


Use Recruitment Software


Recruitment software like an Applicant Tracking System [ATS] is a unique method for recruiting new employees. ATS provides you with a database and features that help you gather information and track candidates through the process.


Start tracking your candidates from the first step through the end. You can access all the details about their progress and follow the ones you like. A great automation tool, but it lacks a certain human touch.


Unlike ATS, customer relationship management [CRM] tools are people and relationship-centric, so they could also be used for managing your candidates.

Recruitment CRM software also has many automation features that can help you organize the majority of the hiring process.


Schedule Candidate Interviews


It might not sound like it, but this is pretty time-consuming. A lot of time is used to communicate with candidates, check availability for both sides, coordinate different candidates, etc.


Interview scheduling automation saves a lot of time, and some tools have features that allow candidates to schedule the interview themselves for a better candidate experience. As soon as the tool confirms that the applicant's resume meets the requirements, it can schedule an interview.


Use Social Media


Social media is not only a great way to build a strong brand image, but it can help you find attractive talent. The chances are most of your candidates use social networks, so why not approach them there?


Social media ads are a great way to find new candidates since they allow you to target a specific group of people who might meet your criteria. You can automate both social media posts and ads, but you also use an automated LinkedIn lead generation tool to help you target the most specific type of candidates.


Find the Best Talent in Person


While automation helps by accelerating the process and saving a lot of time for your HR, humanization is still crucial. The best talents need to feel appreciated and welcome. Having an executive join the interview could be understood as if they're valued enough.


Talking to the best talent in person can give you plenty of helpful information you just can't get from the statistics. While skill is necessary, personality fit plays an important role that shouldn't be neglected. You can always find another skilled employee but finding a personality that can fit your company's culture isn't easy.


Bonus tip:

  1. Work on improving your interview.
  2. Stop focusing only on technicalities.
  3. Aim for the often forgotten things — finding out more about their emotional intelligence, temperament, motivation, and coachability.

In Conclusion


Attracting the best talent is one daunting task, but it can hold great rewards. You need to work hard on improving your hiring process to gain an advantage against your competition. Talented employees are much valued and always get offers, so you need to be quick about it.


Automation helps a lot by filtering through the list of candidates and can single out those that are standing out. It saves a lot of time and allows you to focus on more important things, such as improving your employer brand and assessing the personality fit of the best talents.


One of the greatest ways to ensure your organization is attracting & retaining the best talent is by creating a workplace that allows them to show up as their authentic selves & connecting them to something greater than themselves

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