Beyond HappyPalooza: Recap, Stats & Takeaways

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I hope you are still riding the inspirational high of Beyond HappyPalooza [BHP]! It was such an incredible event, and we are so honored by the turnout and the response we've received from our community and all of those who attended. BHP was about happiness, humanity, and what's beyond. It was indeed an uplifting experience with some great takeaways on what happiness really means now, how we can embrace change, what we've learned since 2020 BC [Before Covid], and how we can all make a greater impact. 


Beyond HappyPalooza was born from a conversation DH CEO, Co-founder, and best selling author Jenn Lim had with Peter Diamandis, recently named one of the World'sWorld's 50 Greatest Leaders, founder, and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation. Jenn expressed how different launching Beyond Happiness was from the book launch in 2010. She was bummed about the lack of human connection and interaction- no bus tour, no meetings, and no connecting with people. This sparked the idea of BHP-while we can't be together physically, we can connect virtually. Four weeks later, Beyond HappyPalooza went live.  


Here are some stats from BHP plus just a few [of the many] insights our thought leaders and innovators gifted in these sessions. 


Beyond HappyPalooza was indeed a global event. We had over 300 people watching live in 26 different countries from Brazil to Bolivia, South Africa to New Zealand, and everywhere in between. 


We had 14 speakers including Adam Grant, Frank Gruber, Keith Ferrazzi and more join Jenn in conversations about happiness, leadership, and humanity plus music by Magic Giants. There were so many great conversations, and our speakers had so much to contribute to the idea of what happiness means that our event went 9 whole hours! We are grateful to everyone who participated, joined in the conversation, and is continuing this important journey with us. 


A few things I learned at Beyond HappyPalooza: 


The Future of Work


There is no one future of work; there are actually four possibilities that we should prepare for. Every decision we make every single day will help influence our journey as an organization, as an economy, as a society, as a planet. We are creating the future every single day, so we need to have awareness about the decisions that we’re making. How they fit into this framework, what they could lead to, and which strategies will be successful. When you are more thoughtful in your workday today you can create the future that you most desire. 


Beautiful Sessions


We all need to find a partner and schedule beautiful sessions immediately. Jennifer Aaker shared this is one way she tends to her own greenhouse. In these sessions, ask, "What did you create this week that was beautiful?" This exercise can make us more intuitive about our individual definitions of beauty while also keeping us mindful to notice the beauty around us. 


Change our Growth Mindest for Aging


Growth is not restricted to just one age or a particular time in our life cycle. Our stage of life does not limit our opportunities to learn, grow, or earn. Now is the time to throw out the old script that was given to us and create our own individual screenplay. So ask yourself, "What will I regret in 10 years if I don't learn it now?" Now, what are you waiting for? Start learning it! 


"Do Not Fear Death, Fear a Life Unlived" 


Life is not always happy. It is hard and often brings disappointment, illness, and sadness. But that's life. It is how we decide to absorb it, not just looking around to see if something makes us happy but choosing to create happiness for ourselves. 


Without the Small Piece, the Puzzle isn't Complete


We are all just a tiny piece in a vast puzzle, so it can feel like we can't make an impact. But if we wake up every morning and think, "what is mine to do today," we can make a difference in the life of an employee, colleague, or our community. When we begin each day with this mindfulness practice, we start to understand that we have the privilege to have an impact on someone in a positive way.  


And there are so many more inspiring, thoughtful moments that took place at BHP. If you were unable to attend you can access all of the sessions here. Our goal with BHP was to create a space for these real conversations about the importance of making sure that as we build and grow others' greenhouses, we are nurturing our own greenhouses first.


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