20 Happiest Viral Vids Inspired by Delivering Happiness

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When Sarah Wood of social video ad group Unruly Media read Delivering Happiness earlier this year, she found it  totally inspiring. (Yay!) In her words:

"I was smiling as I turned the pages, but the truer measure of this book's power is the fact that it actually galvanised me into action and made me think about ways that we could spread a little Unruly happiness of our own."

Unruly happiness, eh? Oh, yes. In her excitement, Sarah created a poll that asked the big question, "Which videos make you happy?" Viral videos, that is. The wonderfully unscientific results are now compiled for all to view on The Happiness Chart, an explosion of adorable animals, crazy dances, and hilarious kids.

You can see the top ten over at Unruly, but here's a favorite to start your day off right: Unruly's Number 2 pick and one of the most happy-making bits of delight recently created — indie band OK's "This Too Shall Pass." Enjoy!

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