42% of UK Workers are Happy in Their Jobs

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Summary: Less than half of UK workers are happy with their jobs.

-  This number is about the same as last year.

According to a survey conducted by Office Angels about 42% of workers in the UK are happy with their current jobs. (Last year a similar survey found 41% were.) Some 46% of workers in Edinburgh said they are happy with their work, and that was the highest percentage. In Nottingham and Wales 35% said they are unhappy and this number is higher than the national average by 8%.

Just over two-thirds working in the arts said they are happy, with 53% of those working in the professional services said they are also. Happiness with work was reported by 47% of those surveyed that work in the education field.

For workers between 25-34 years of age, just 27% said they are experiencing job dissatisfaction. Only 20% of workers 55 and over said they were unhappy.

The Managing Director of Office Angels said employers can take measures to help their employees be happier.

Though a 42% of rate of job happiness may seem low, consider that  a different survey found 78% of Malaysians said they were unhappy with their jobs. The two main reasons were not liking the work and their relationship with their boss. To some a low rate of job satisfaction may sound inconsequential, but research has shown disengaged workers cost hundreds of billions of dollars a year in lost productivity.

In Iceland, over eighty percent of workers surveyed said they are happy with their jobs. So perhaps there could be some research conducted in Iceland to help increase worker happiness in other countries.

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