5 Things To Know About The Happiness Of Jumping

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Trampolines ain't just for kids. We've got 5 things you should know about the happiness of jumping and some fun facts on this bouncing invention, too.

5 things to know (as I learned after another mom and I went rogue while waiting for our sons at a gymnastics birthday party):

(1) Adults should throw themselves the kind of birthday parties that kids have. Lots of silliness. And sugar.
(2) You can't NOT laugh when jumping on a trampoline.
(3) Trampolines are FUN!
(4) Core strength is key so as not to pee your pants while jumping.
(5) You are never too old to jump.

trampoline fun

Now just in case you're looking for a little more to chew on, here are a few fun facts about the trampoline:

  • George Nissen invented the trampoline. His idea was inspired by the nets under the trapeze performers at the circus.
  • In 1933, Nissen and his friends at the University of Iowa made their first trampoline out of canvas. They connected the canvas to a steel frame with pieces of inner tubes.
  • During the '40s, Nissan decided the nylon webbing from parachute straps would be a much more elastic material than canvas. Many competition trampolines today use a similar material.
  • With his tumbling and diving background, Nissen took "El trampolino," the Spanish word for "diving board," and turned it into his trademarked "trampoline."

    George Nissen and kangaroo

  • In the late 50s, to gain publicity for the trampoline, Nissen jumped on one with a kangaroo by holding its front paws so the animal could not kick him.
  • As Nissen said, "Inventing is one of the three things that make you happy. Working. Loving. And creating."

Image courtesy of the West View Trampoline Community



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