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Providing ill children with a happy, comfortable environment and the means to get healthy is a demanding task – one that requires a culture of compassion, selflessness and resilience. When the Delivering Happiness “Inspire and Be Inspired” Bus Tour stopped at the Children’s Hospital Boston, the team found a dedicated group of people creating just that.

The hospital started a culture committee to develop and sustain company culture, believing that before you can help patients, you must establish unified passions and values.

“You have to feel good about where you work; enough to believe in what you’re here for. Then you can go out and help and support children,” explains Beth Dunigan Driscoll, Director of Child Life Services at the hospital.

From offering a wide array of fun activities to an entire “Clown Care” unit, the hospital works tirelessly to create a community that blurs the line between hospital and home.

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