Amy Frost, Very Happy Person and Queen of Triage

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Amy FrostDH: Share a bit about yourself and where you're from.
Amy Frost: I was born on an Air Force Base, grew up in the Air Force traveling all over the country.  My Dad was a B52 navigator.  I worked for the Air Force (Dept of Defense for 21 years).  My family is from Ohio.  I am from everyone and nowhere.  I learned early on that humor connected me to others and it helped me deal with being the new kid over, and over, and over.

DH: Tell us about your business or the company where you work.
AF: I LOVE working! I enjoyed a fulfilling civil service career with the military, serving in a variety of roles including contract negotiation and training facilitation. Since leaving the Air Force, I've been a teacher, trainer, speaker and coach for leadership and life coaching programs. I also am the National Training Director and Corporation Consciousness Officer for the Nonprofit Sector Foundation and have worked with many Employee Assistance Programs where I earned the nickname, "Queen of Triage." My mission is to motivate and inspire individuals, teams and organizations to live and work consciously.  I believe the key to happiness is conscious living.

DH: How do you deliver happiness to your employees, customers and/or colleagues?  
AF: In my workshops with cancer patients, their family and caregivers, I teach them how to use humor in the healing process. Working with all my clients and with nonprofits, I find ways to value them, appreciate them and lighten up their way.  I send funny cards . . . I use fun props . . . I put giggle bombs in my emails. As Corporate Consciousness Officer for the Nonprofit Sector Foundation, one of my main focuses is making work FUN for us and all the profits, nonprofits, volunteers, funders and peeps we work with and for! I believe that happiness is fuel to help you do your mission and it is who we really are.  I know I have done my job when everyone I come in contact with is happier for it!

DH: What about DH, the book and/or the movement, inspires you the most?
AF: I love being part of a movement that is focused on creating a world that values people and appreciates hard work, that is creative and is FUN!!!

DH: Did DH nudge you towards making any changes in your life? If so, tell us more.
AF:I've decided to guest blog for DH and help as many people as I can.

DH: What is your take on happiness?
AF:My mission has always been to inspire, motivate and coach people to thrive in their work and lives.  My life experiences are like a piece of tapestry.  If I look at the “wrong” side, all my experiences seem unrelated like a bunch of strings.   On the “correct” side of the tapestry, the strings are all woven together to make a beautiful picture. I have always been focused on helping others and now I feel the need to be on my train, do my work and use my gifts and talents to do my mission. By learning to walk in faith on an uncertain path, as opposed to always taking the safe path, I have learned to trust the Divine Plan. I can now look at the CHAOS around us as Clarity Holding an Open Space not as something to be fixed.

I believe we are all born with a clean white board and we write our life and beliefs as we go.  Some beliefs hold us back from our dreams.  We forget that we have the erasers and hold the magic markers of our own white board.  We can rewrite worn out beliefs to ones that better serve our current dreams.  I want to tell people: “Live your passion and never give it up.  Exercise your faith muscle; keep building it up for those dark times when you need faith.  Most importantly, be grateful every step of the way, and HAVE FUN on the journey!”

DH: Is there a person (people), experience, or event in your life that was pivotal in shaping your current outlook on happiness?
AF: My father…he made a difference in the world and he was so funny.  He taught me how to be mission and people focused simultaneously.  We had so much fun together and his smile was infectious.

DH: What makes you really happy?
AF: Helping people get to their AH-HA moment.  Helping people see how amazing they are and helping them be that.  Deep connection with friends.  The way my husband looks at me.  Traveling . . . my pets . . . DISNEYLAND!

DH: What’s your favorite happy and/or inspirational quote?
AF: "Do small things with great love."-- Mother Teresa (She had a great sense of humor and is one of my mentors)

DH: What's something weird that makes you happy?
AF: ORGANIZING! If I don’t watch myself, I start organizing my organizing!

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