Are Contracts the Key to Your Employees' Happiness?

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Summary: For some workers contracting may be more satisfying.

Key Take Aways:

- Permanent employment may be less appealing to some workers.

- Flexibility, freedom and more money are available in some contractor roles.

A survey of 1,000 workers conducted by SJD Accountancy, a UK accountancy provider, found 77% of them said they were more satisfied doing contract work, rather than being a permanent employee. Only half of them said they would consider going back to a permanent position and they would need to consider what the work was in order to decide. Less than ten percent said they would take a permanent position just because it was offered.

Some of the key things they said they enjoyed more were:

- 84% said it was the larger incomes
- 70% identified flexibility of the work
- 65% said it was the freedom
- +33% said it being viewed as an expert

SJD wrote on their site: "This confirms why so many people stay in contracting, with over 88 per cent surveyed classing themselves as a ‘committed contractor’."

So not only were the survey subjects more satisfied, most were dedicated to keeping their contractor status. Another aspect of this greater satisfaction might be the variety of  work they can experience, rather than doing the same job repeatedly for thirty years.

Curiously, another worker survey found it was schedule unpredictability that caused anxiety in workers, but they may have been talking about permanent employees who expected consistent work hours. Contract workers may have more tolerance for change, because they choose to work in diverse situations that can be short-term.

Given the turbulent economic conditions, maintaining an outlook that accepts sudden change can be helpful when one experiences periods of unemployment.

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