Barcelona Block Party!

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Barcelona's annual Gracia Festa Mejor

So many great people have taken the step to become Delivering Happiness VHPs — that's Very Happy Persons, of course! — that we simply have to start sharing a little about these amazing folks. Today we introduce Carlos Piera Serra from Barcelona, Spain! Carlos is a very active member of our VHP Facebook group and an incredibly positive guy, so it came as no surprise to us when he shared his successful organization of a neighborhood block party, just for happiness' sake!

Carlos had a couple of rules about the party he visualized: it had to be big, successful and clear about the message he wanted to share — creating community happiness. He went all around the Raval neighborhood in Barcelona, meeting as many people as he could, making his mission known, and inviting them to a big ol' bash.

I started knocking on people’s doors and asking a very simple question..."What makes you happy?" With that question we almost always got the invitation to get in and have a glass of water. I spent the next 2 weeks having glasses of water all around the neighborhood.

The day of the party arrived, and thanks to Carlos' detailed preparations, the people started pouring in, bringing festive food and drink and getting right down to the business of meeting, greeting and partying with their neighbors. By the end of the day, nearly fifty people had gathered. Woohoo! Mission accomplished.

How did he do it? In Carlos' words:

I realized that by giving people the right words, the right attention and the right the end what happens is that all this comes back to you in huge doses of happiness, and everyone is happier.

Way to spread happiness, Carlos!

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