How Will YOU Change the World?

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Dear DH Community,

Every year that goes by — time seems to pass faster with more things on the to-do list that didn’t get done. Life gets harder, but we all know it can get better.

The question is... how?

Science, experience and self-awareness keep reinforcing the truth: it’s the simple things that matter. The people we love, progress we make, passions we feel and ultimately, the purpose we serve.

In the end, when we look back on our individual journeys one day, we don’t want to be caught saying, “I wish…” we want to say WOW.

For me, it comes back to happiness... and not the fleeting, fluffy kind. I’m talking about scientific, measurable forms of happiness. The kind that lasts.

The latest studies continue to validate what we instinctively feel:


Since DH launched, we’ve (click for our infographic):

  • Circulated over half a billion books around the world, translated in 20 languages
  • Inspired people from 3600 cities in 125 countries
  • Coached over 220 companies, schools and organizations
  • Launched a line of products to inspire, connect and educate
  • ​Built a company with the purpose of creating a happier world: one person, community and company at a time


How did all of this happen?

The answer couldn’t be simpler — YOU. 

Hearing the stories of how DH changed your life will always be a source of inspiration. When we first set out, we didn’t expect to nudge the world with happiness. But now we can’t help but keep pushing it to a better place.

To get this year jump-started right, we need your help again. What would you like to learn more about, how would you like to get involved? Tell us here.

Think of us as the little ;] on your shoulder. 

How can ;] (aka “Winkey”) continue to be an everyday reminder that we all have the superpower to Inspire and Be Inspired (DH Core Value #5)? That you can be true to your (weird) self while living out your passions and purpose?

Happiness isn’t a fleeting idea anymore, it's a choice to make it last.


Watching DH grow into a global movement has reinforced my belief that every one of us has the pep, smarts and skip in our step to do this. As Gandhi said, be the change you want to see. Together, we’ll change the world.

Jenn Lim, DH CEO & Chief Happiness Officer

CEO and Chief Happiness Officer

P.S. Look forward to hearing from you:

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