Day Two of NYC Media Tour

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This morning we woke up to a ranking of #1 on Barnes & Noble and kicked-off the second day of a week-long media tour in New York City. Tony started the morning speaking at the GE Executive Commercial Leadership Seminar, before bouncing to Bloomberg headquarters for an interview on Bloomberg Telivision. Here's a photo we snapped of their funky headquarters.

From there, we went event and interview-hopping the rest of the day. Federated Media was hosting the Conversational Marketing Summit in Times Square, where he did an informal Q&A. We skipped over to Reuters TV a couple blocks away, taped another segment and hopped back to record a podcast for Customer Management IQ.

Then we came full circle with the morning by having to return to Bloomberg for another interview for Bloomberg Businessweek blogs. Since we hadn't had lunch yet, writer John Tozzi didn't mind us drinking instant soup from a cup and cracking open pistachios from their snack stash. (unrelated: we <3 the Bloomberg offices!!! Free (healthy) snacks, friendly staff, aquariums in the hall and unrelenting ENERGY that comes through the architecture and interior design. Loved it!!!)

After a Skype session with Leo Laparate of and a phone interview with KKZZ "The Business of Life", we dropped off our bags, tried our best to catch up on emails and headed to the 2010 Webutante Ball that our friends at Groupon so kindly invited us to (who we loved seeing at our launch party too!). We wrapped up the day with a team dinner to toast our time in NYC together before we had to, finally, call it a day.

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