Delivering Happiness Town Hall: Take Two

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Last week, Delivering Happiness's Jenn Lim, James Key Lim and team, hosted the second Town Hall meeting in San Francisco at the New People - Super Frog Art Gallery. There were many happy faces, new and old in attendance. The event acted not only as an incubator for future ideas leading to profit, passion and purpose, but as a reflection of the catalyst the last Town Hall event had been for many in making changes for good. Two returning participants, Gilbert Picket and Krista Gaeta shared how the first Town Hall inspired them to put their potential into action.

After the first Delivering Happiness Town Hall, Gilbert planned and executed his first-ever fundraiser to raise money for a friend to volunteer in Africa with children living with disabilities. Gilbert’s event was a great success, raising more than $2,000.

Krista spread her Town Hall inspiration in a very different but equally amazing way. She is the director of a housing project in San Francisco and leads a staff that is challenged everyday to help people with problems ranging from mental disabilities to drug dependencies. Krista incorporated what she learned at the first Town Hall into her work’s culture and structure, implementing Delivering Happiness into her management training program and inspiring her staff and clients to incorporate the same tenets into their own work and personal lives.

The main speaker, Ally Wray-Kirk from Partners in School Innovation, utilized ‘Think-Pair-Share’ sessions to create a passionate and productive discussion that will hopefully lead to numerous stories like Gilbert and Krista’s in the future.

Delivering Happiness Town Halls are growing and evolving, with more people creating events in their own towns and expressing interest in collaborating in existing ones.

Inspired? If you’re interested in starting your own Delivering Happiness Town Hall event, visit here

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