Delivering Happiness Town Hall with Kay-Lynne Schaller

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Kay-Lynne Schaller, one of our lovely and enthusiastic VHPs (Very Happy People for the uninitiated), recently organized a Delivering Happiness Town Hall at her local art center, River House Arts. Kay-Lynne wanted to share the message of Delivering Happiness with her community, and it looks like the event was an amazing success!

To start things off right, her guests were treated to a goody bag decorated by her ten-year-old son (awesome job, by the way!) and a smiling cookie. The bags contained fun prizes for a Happy Bingo game which got the group meeting and greeting while setting the mood for the night; happy, of course!

Kay-Lynne kept the evening flowing with a handful of different activities; in her words:

 After about 45 minutes of group interaction, we began presentations. I discussed how I came to the book, and the "Delivering Happiness Project" created with my Junior High Drama classes and posed the question, "What can we, the adults in the community do to deliver happiness?"  We also discussed the values cards, and naturally transitioned into a session of Laughter Yoga.  It was real fun, funny, silly, and, well....happy!

"Happy Bingo" and silly prizes rounded out our evening, along with a drawing for a few Delivering Happiness book giveaways.  My stipulation for the guests who won books was they are required to pass the book on to someone else when they are done, to further spread the happiness message.

WOW. Kay-Lynne's Town Hall sounded like a ton of fun, which is just what it should be! Congrats on a job well done and thanks to Kay-Lynne for spreadin' happiness all over Ohio. If this post got you excited and you think you may want to organize a Town Hall of your own, we'd love to help out. Become a VHP and let us know your ideas. (Hint: Cookies are always a good start!)

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