Delivering Happiness Visits the East Bay Book Club

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When Berkeley, California's East Bay Book Club organizer (and newly minted Very Happy Person) Anthony Lee got to lead his stalwart group of readers in discussing of a book of his own choosing, he chose...wait for it... Delivering Happiness! Honored, we couldn't help but get involved. Here's how the evening went down, in Anthony's own words:


Ever since becoming leader of the East Bay Book Club, I've had the pleasure of organizing book discussion meetings that leave people, both newcomers and regulars, smiling in the end. Last week's meeting on Delivering Happiness was certainly no exception. At the same time, it has a very special place in my heart.


After I e-mailed Tony with my thoughts on his book, Melissa Lacitignola (Community Happiness Orchestrator) contacted me and offered to join the club's  Delivering Happiness book discussion meeting. Right away, I invited Melissa along with team members Clair Byrd and Eleen Hsu to the meeting, keeping these special guests a total surprise until the meeting itself started. Only one word could describe the attendees' reaction: WOW.


The result was a really fun East Bay Book Club meeting, complete with stimulating conversation about Delivering Happiness, fascinating insights from the three special guests, chocolate chip cookies, my giant purple pen, and my Goofy plush doll sitting next to me to keep everyone smiling. (My giant pen and Goofy doll were prizes I won at an arcade a few years ago. Never did I imagine they would come in handy on the same night.)

Thanks for having us, Anthony! A book club meeting wouldn't be complete without a big pile of cookies and a few great questions to invite conversation. Here are a few that Anthony asked his readers at the meeting:

  • How is it that Zappos can be "powered by service" rather than by its products?
  • What makes Tony similar to other CEOs? What makes Tony unique from other CEOs?
  • Discuss happiness itself. What is it, and what is the best way to achieve it?

Food for thought (if you haven't already reached for the cookie jar): what kinds of questions/ideas came up for you while reading the book?


The reason Anthony chose Delivering Happiness as featured book for the evening: Tony's philosophy on making people happy inspired me to not just keep my book club happy as always, but also truly go above and beyond.

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