Everyday Happiness: Meet the Confident Queen

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Our Everyday Happiness feature stories are about how the search for happiness has shaped who we are and how we live. This series is open not only to regular Delivering Happiness contributors, but to guest posters from the Delivering Happiness movement, Very Happy People, and….you. If you are interested in telling us about how happiness works in your life, please contact our Creativity Curator: lindsay@deliveringhappiness.com.

My name is Genny Jones, but I'm also known as the Confident Queen and I deliver the Gift of Happiness to both children and adults so that they can live their live to their maximum potential.

Eight years ago I was suffering from sadness and depression stemming from a perfect storm of issues in my personal life. I had just finalized divorce proceedings and found myself the single mother of two toddlers, facing financial issues including foreclosure, and was being made to feel redundant in my work and life. There were times when I felt like giving up; when I felt that there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

I  was fortunate to have received help, support, and advice from family, various organizations, and friends. I began making steps to change my life. I  trained to be a life coach, thinking that others could benefit from my life experiences  I realized that their were a lot of people who were going through challenges in life that I could help. I made it my passion, vision and mission to help others.

New Beginning

I created the  Confident Queen persona, with a fun song and dance routine, as a way of helping myself and others to have fun and feel good. I was fortunate to appear on Britain’s Got Talent  2012,  and was able to spread some happiness with the audience and judges.

I started the Happiness Project in Kent three years ago, and continue to run happiness sessions where people can come to support each other, make new friends, have fun and share tips and techniques for living a happier and more confident life.  I am now fortunate to have other volunteer members who are helping me with my passion, mission and vision of spreading happiness to as many people as we can.

I also show people how to make Happy Memories Boxes with their happiness affirmations.  Each box is placed in a prominent position in it's maker's home or on their person. It's purpose is to provide a regular reminder to be happy.  I also now set up Happiness Lunch Hour Sessions and a Saturday Happiness Cafe, so that people who work can come to a local café and chill out, especially if they have had a stressful or challenging morning.  Our sessions  include laughter, yoga,  sharing techniques for being happier at work,  and doing  some meditation  and visualization based on the  “Escape to Happiness Island”  framework that I have created.

Right now in my life, I maintain a positive outlook in life and I am fortunate that three days a week I can work as an accountant and I can spend the other two days to spread happiness on a voluntary basis as  my own small contribution of making the world a better and happier place to be.

How are you contributing to happiness in your community? We'd love to hear all about it! Tweet us @DHMovement, using the hashtag #everydayhappy!

About Genny

Genny Jones, aka the Confident Queen, is an active member of the Delivering Happiness VHPs. She organizes happiness events in her community, as well as being an inspirational speaker and life coach. She has been a guest on various BBC radio shows, as well as being featured in various newspapers and magazines. Earlier this year, she also took part in a short film for the Department of Children and families, sharing her experiences and showing parents where they can go for help and support.

Genny is a keen writer and is in the process of completing her books “Divorced and not Devastated” as well as a children’s inspirational book “The Gift of Confidence”. She has also written various eBooks and blogs. You can follow her blog at: http://confidentqueen.wordpress.com/

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