Game On for the Delivering Happiness Team

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Chief Happiness Officer, Jenn Lim, successfully completes the "Disco Mission."

To cap off a very inspiring year, the Delivering Happiness Team recently headed to The Go Game  in San Francisco for some seriously fun team building. Armed with clues, cameras, and cell phones, we took to the streets of the Mission District and documented our progress through creative missions.

Undercover operatives? Yep, we met 'em. Moon landings and surfing in alleys? Yeah, we did that. World's largest underwear? Uh huh, we wore it. Delivering happiness to unsuspecting community members? But of course!

Wearing the world's largest underwear and spreading happiness.

Day turned to night, and just when we thought it couldn't get more fun, out came the half-naked man trophies, Certificates of Awesomeness, and a rousing, rowdy round of high-fives that took happiness to a whole other level.

The awards ceremony.

Method co-founder Eric Ryan joined our dinner party and treated us to an inspiring presentation on the dirty business of cleaning (complete with bottles of Juicy Pear and Lemon Mint hand wash—thanks, Eric!).

The true highlight of the day was the quality time we spent laughing together.

Many thanks to Ian Fraser and Lea Bender of The Go Game for a fantastic experience. In 47 states and eight countries, The Go Game stages interactive events and scavenger hunts for groups of 3 to 10,000 players. There are games for marketing and sales training, for team building, conventions, or just pure fun. Check them out!

And Happy New Year from Delivering Happiness!

The DH Team with Method's Eric Ryan.




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