Happiness in Korea [despite the worst winter in 50 years:]

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Jenn Lim, CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, recently returned from a trip to Korea. It just happened to coincide with one of the worst winter storms in history, but windchill aside, it was a remarkable reminder of how the global community is embracing Delivering Happiness.

While there, Jenn met with our Korean publishers/partners in Seoul. After the publisher first read Delivering Happiness, they were inspired to see how they could apply the principles in the book -- not just in their own company, but in the publishing industry as a whole. They're excited to join efforts and help spread the happiness movement to a broader audience in Korea, which excites us as well.

We are honored to witness the impact that Delivering Happiness is having to people around the world, and look forward to seeing the movement continue to evolve. Here are some photos from Jenn's trip:[gallery]

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