Happiness One Ohh One: Small Joys

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A small joy

There is a house the kids and I pass on our way to school which never fails to earn my verbalized appreciation. Positioned to the right of the front door, in lettering often tilted, is the address: One Ohh Ohh One.

The world is a rather serious place, but we are fortunate that certain joys are occasionally bestowed upon us. Some hit us over the head while others only appear when the lighting is just right. I do not worry for the arrival of these joys but I am quite concerned about how the little ones are received.

The big joys are poised with cocktail in hand. They know they are your bread and butter so they demand and usually elicit a cheering stadium, a platter of celebratory hors d’oeuvres, or phone calls to your extended family. They smirk if you inquire whether their embers need to be fanned.

The small joys, on the other hand, have a discreet nature that won’t be preserved in the afterglow of photos, nor in the high five or hearty chest bump. They are the humble overnight guests who would never ask for seconds, a blanket for the spare bed, or a little cream and sugar for the morning coffee.

It is for this reason that I submit the following request: should you encounter a small joy, give it an audible Ohh! It’s okay if you’re on the quiet side at first. In time, your Ohh! will grow in confidence and when it does, passers-by may ask what all the fuss is about.  Go ahead and tell them, and give the small joy its proper reception.



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