Happiness on the Field of Life

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by Alex Jekowsky


How can we still find happiness after striking out on life's curve balls? What can we control?

Key Take Aways:

Ask yourself what elements of your life you can and cannot control.

  • Physical limitations?
  • Work Life?
  • Work Environment?
  • Health?
  • Mental State?
  • Relationships?

Q: How can you become the CHO of your life, your company?

A: What in the world is a CHO? It is not a financial, economic, or operating officer, no, it is much more important. You need to become your own Chief Happiness Officer of your life. There are no Ivy league degrees, application, standardized testing or, and no prerequisite necessary, all you need is to make a simple choice every day, to be happy.As CEO of Zappos.com, Tony Hsieh believes a happy culture at work makes more than happy employees. As CHO of your life, YOU NEED to believe that a happy culture will make your work more successful and your life more content.

Being happy is easier said than done however. It is truly difficult to be happy when going through a maze misfortune. For me it is a potentially career ending injury to my throwing arm for baseball. Trust me I know, I am stuck in this maze. For 15 years I have been playing to hope that one day I will make it to the Big Leagues and now that dream is vanishing. Recently I realized that I cannot control my shoulder. I cannot control my injury. But, I can control how I react to it with the thinking that when one door closes another door opens.

My favorite Jewish storyteller, Joel Ben Izzy says that, "What seems like a curse may be a blessing and what seems like a blessing may be a curse." No matter what happens in life, realize that there is more, continue on and be a successful CHO in your life.

*Term CHO was coined by Tony Hsieh

About Alex

Alex JekowskyAlex Jekowsky is a high school senior and avid baseball player. After years of struggling with not meeting his potential, he had an "aha" moment and has changed his life to follow his passion and find happiness. He  is currently a shortstop on the Under Armour National Baseball Team. You can read more about Alex on his personal page: http://payoffpitch.org/payoffpitch/Batters_Box.html, or at his blog: http://www.imindstrong.tumblr.com/.

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