How To Get Lucky In Business

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Get LuckyWritten by Get Satisfaction founders, Thor Muller and Lane Becker, Get Lucky is a manual for putting planned serendipity to work in business. We recently asked Lane how one actually goes about getting lucky. You can download a sample chapter of Get Lucky at

DH: Isn’t luck just superstition?
Lane Becker: Not at all. In fact, luck is a fundamental part of how the world works!
Open any history book and you’ll find stories of curious people looking for one thing and finding another. Whether it’s Columbus running into the New World or Tim Berners-Lee setting out to create a document sharing system for physicists and inadvertently inventing the World Wide Web, the entire world we live in was built on top of serendipitous occurrences!

Accidents happen—there’s nothing mystical about them—but it’s our practical ability to take advantage of the best accidents, big or small, that transforms these from forgettable moments into incredible opportunities. This is the essence of planned serendipity, the kind of luck you make for yourself.

DH: If that’s the case, then what do people need to do to “get lucky”?
LB: The secret to getting lucky, it turns out, is to plan for it. You can do this by putting yourself in the path of the kinds of chance opportunities that can turn into luck, recognizing these opportunities when they arrive, and then being ready, willing, and able to take advantage of them in your life or your business, by acting on them when they appear. (Read the full post on our dh@work site)


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