Inspire! San Francisco on March 27th

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Inspire SF

Our Inspire! San Francisco event is a forum for sharing the rich and thought-provoking content that inspires and spreads happiness on an individual, community, and even global level.  Through a series of brief, prepared talks, community members bring their perspectives, passions, and experiences to the stage (ala TEDx) to shine a spotlight on the things that matter most.

Join us next Tuesday, March 27th, for Inspire! San Francisco:

K. Tighe, Content Strategist (TaskRabbit)
How new models of work and the "company of one" are changing our attitude toward our jobs.

Carlos Pierra Serra, Global Happiness Navigator (Delivering Happiness at Work)
Creating inspiration from real-life challenges.

With Keynote Speaker
Dr. Ryan Howell, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Psychology (SF State), and co-founder of
On the science behind your financial decisions and how pro-social spending can improve your life.

See the video premiere of our San Francisco Act of Happiness and help us plan the next one!

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