Keeping Japan In Our Hearts

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March 11, 2011 was a grim day. The coast of Sendai, Japan, was struck by multiple earthquakes which resulted in violent tsunamis. Countless people had to endure what could be the most horrifying hours of their lives. Many lost their homes and loved ones.

Being 6000 miles away, we did the only thing we could: glue ourselves to the television and watch as the devastation took over. But the fact that it was happening halfway around the world didn't matter. Our hearts were breaking for the citizens of Japan because we knew that one nation's tragedy is a tragedy for us all.

They say the best remedy for those who are broken is a smile. So, we'd like to send Japan a million of those and more. In the spirit of Delivering Happiness, we designed a t-shirt to remind ourselves of the struggle that the Japanese are facing right now.

Japan in Our Hearts T-Shirt, $30

We'll donate 100% of profits from each t-shirt sold to support disaster relief efforts in Japan via the Japanese Red Cross Society. The more shirts we sell, the more help we can give — and the more happiness we can deliver to the earthquake and tsunami victims.

So please, spread the word. You CAN buy happiness. You just have to know where to look.

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Update 5/26/2011: Now you can watch the Japan in Our Hearts video with Japanese subtitles!

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