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SO unbelievably excited to announce this today.

From afar, we always respected what LIVESTRONG was doing. Empowerment to say it's not about dying with cancer, it's about living. Having lost my dad to colon cancer, I knew it was an organization breaking the norm towards where our society should be.

So when Tony and I were invited to the LIVESTRONG headquarters several months ago to talk about company and culture, I was beyond psyched. We toured their eco-conscious office, hung out with employees (who rock!) but above all, we met cancer fighters...AND winners. Two of them happened to be Doug Ulman (Livestrong CEO) and Lance Armstrong (7 time Tour de France winner).

We hit it off immediately -- it was clear we shared meaningful values in work and in life, because they're one and the same. As we left Austin, we knew we had to work together, somehow. It wasn't obvious until we met up again in March...

Our official book launch is June 7. Completely coincidental, Doug is going to turn 33 on the same day (but more importantly, it will be 14 years since he was diagnosed, fought and triumphed over cancer). It quickly became evident what we should do.

Together, we want to deliver happiness. And today, Cinco de Mayo, marks 33 days until June 7. So our goal is to raise $333,333 for cancer survivors and thrivers.

Depending on the amount donated, donors will receive hardcover book(s) right when it's released (and in some instances, signed copies), tickets to our launch party with Tony and Doug in New York on June 7 and/or a chance to win a VIP all-expense paid trip for two to the party. But above all, it's for a cause and organization that makes a difference to SO many people in the world.

Know that ALL proceeds from our collaboration are going to LIVESTRONG.

To donate, go here.

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