Inspire & Be Inspired: My Road to Hosting Inspire! Las Vegas

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Rukesh SamarasekeraI always thought Inspire! was an incredible and indelible experience but I never thought it would be such an important part of what I do. Through this speaker series I have seen rising stars, met remarkable people bettering our community, and made some really great friends. Having the privilege to host Inspire! has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

My journey to Inspire! began as a side conversation when my friend Amanda Slavin said I should speak... I was flattered but I didn't think I was "ready." I hadn't found an amazing business or created a game-changing product or service but something inside me said that I had to get out there. As the late great Maya Angelou said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." I didn't know what I was going to say but I knew I had to say something.

Everyone has a story, and that story has the power to heal, the power to teach, the power to change lives... but that can only happen if your story is shared.

That doesn't mean that every person has to be on stage, but the underlying truth is when you open up to other people, they will open up to you. In the time leading up to the New Year a lot is going to happen, the big holidays are going to hit, and things are going to get busy. In the midst of all that activity I ask you take a moment to be still and reflect on your own story. We get so caught up with what's going on in other people's lives, on the external, that we forget to be truly inspired all we have to do is look within. So think about your story, not only what you've done, but what you say to yourself. Tell your mind all the beautiful things you would tell your best friend. If you'd like, share your story with us and we'll figure out a way to share it with everyone else.

Awesome people like Christine Lai and Kelsey Wong at Delivering Happiness have made my experience of hosting and curating Inspire! a real delight. The wonderful team at CatalystCreativ and Freemont East make our show look oh-so-sleek, and you make it all come to life! Thank you for all your support. We hope you tell all the people in your life about Inspire!... and bring them with you in 2015! ;]

Love you all.

About Rukesh

Rukesh Samarasekera is the proud product of a single mom. Rukesh's talent for talking and listening had him co-hosting a radio show in the 5th grade. That interest evolved into a passion for connecting with others and giving them a platform to share their story. Rukesh is currently the Storyteller & Changemaker for USGBC in Washington , DC. He lives in Las Vegas, believes it is home to incredible talent, and plans to showcase the city’s best as the Host of Delivering Happiness Inspire! Speaker Series. Rukesh graduated from Brown University. Check out Rukesh's Inspire! talk right here!


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